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Gmail App Review



Gmail for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad Google has long been the leader in search engines, and then the company introduced Gmail, an online email service provider. Now, Gmail is being used by everyone. It is a fast and efficient email provider that keeps your mails secure and guarantees less spam. With its built-in 10 GB storage capacity, you won’t be bothered by your emails being overloaded.

Plus, with the integrated conversation view, it's easier for you to keep track of your conversations. With the similar powerful features you have with the Gmail in your desktop computer, Gmail for the iOS device lineup keeps you on track and updated with the your email, whenever you go mobile. With Gmail on iPhone, you can receive notifications for incoming messages. Likewise, you can sort your contacts with ease, making it convenient for you to search for them. If you have Gmail, then this is a must have email organiser app.

Gmail - Email by Google


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The interface is reminiscent to Facebook wherein if you are browsing the menu, all the categories slides down the left hand side, without you losing the window of your inbox. It also has a built-in search key for faster accessibility and it gathers all related topics with the word/words you have searched. You can read your mail with newly featured threaded conversations. And with the security websites that most banks use, Gmail uses HTTPS encryption to keep your mail secure and hack-free. It is easy to organize your mail by labeling, deleting, archiving, starring, and reporting spam. Likewise, attaching photos or documents are as easy as one click and then you’re good to go.

Other mobile email apps don’t have add cc or bcc feature. Gmail has it all. You can add contacts to furnish emails aside from your primary recipient in one window. And if you want to discard your email, you can easily push the trash button on the taskbar and at a blink of an eye, it’s gone. No further tweaking was added on the interface. It is pretty much the simple sleek Gmail look. But do not underestimate the versatility and reliability of Gmail. It’s secure, bigger in storage, is fast to load, and is easy to use.

For Gmail users, this is the best email app for iPhone and iPad.

Gmail - Email by Google


Gmail - Email by Google

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