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What to look for in live roulette apps

11 Nov 2017 Developer News
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There are numerous betting platforms that offer live casino games through their apps and one of the favorite games to play live through mobile devices is the roulette. We’ll review several factors you should consider before selecting a live casino app and we’ll make some specific recommendations for playing live roulette through a mobile device:


The industry of online gambling is characterized for having an intense competition not only between the giant casinos in the industry, but also with the recently appeared smaller and more specialized betting platforms. As online casinos are focusing in bringing new customers through mobile devices, they all offer attractive promotions that you’ll definitively want to check out. Beware that, as usual, small print can be tricky and some casinos will only offer bonus and promotions for new users, so if you already have an account with them you won’t be eligible for the promotion.


Not all casinos have apps and not all apps are available for Android and iOS . One of the main concerns of users, is to find their favorite casino app available for their mobile device. As in any other entertainment apps, online casinos focused their efforts in offering their apps for Android users mainly, as it’s the most common operative system. However, now at days online casinos seem to be focusing in iOs to cover the market of Apple users too. Remember that some online casinos won’t offer apps but they’ll offer access to their games and betting options through your mobile device navigator instead.


You’ll need a good and reliable internet connection in order to have a good experience betting in casinos apps. This apply to all betting modalities and of course is more relevant for live casino games. It would be extremely frustrating to lose the betting time if your app freezes while the wheel is spinning at live roulette.

Betting modalities

Since roulette is one of the most emblematic casino games and one of the favorites of users, you can easily find these games through live casino apps. In fact, the offer of playing modalities of roulette through apps has increased significantly and you can now have access to different variants like French, American, European and mini roulettes to play live through your mobile device.

Specialized apps

Another trend in the world of entertainment apps is the specialization, every day new apps appear to deliver a more focalized user experience on only one game or topic and of course the gambling apps weren’t the exception. Besides the casino apps, there are numerous apps that specialized only in live roulette offering a more customized experience, friendlier interface, wider range of betting modalities and some even offer tutorials and free betting modalities so inexperienced users can improve their playing skills before betting with real money.


Live casino games are all about interaction, the main difference of playing a digital roulette and a live roulette is in fact the possibility of interacting with other real people while playing your favorite casino game with all the comfort of digital entertainment, but some casinos has taken one step forward to offer different and more innovative ways of interaction between users and dealers. With a quick research you’ll find apps that allow you to communicate with other users and the dealers via chat, some will let you send voice notes, and you’ll even find casinos that let users of online live roulette enter and make bets on a physical casino roulettes interacting with real users and dealers at a physical casino.

We have a final recommendation before you select a live roulette app; consider a betting platform that allows you to share account through all your mobile devices, despite their operative system. Specialized apps can offer several advantages for playing your favorite game, mostly in terms of playing modalities and the interaction with other real players and the dealer. However, you most also analyze the benefits of choosing the app of the same betting platform that you regularly use with your computer; you’ll be able to use the same funds for playing in your computer or in your mobile device and also you’ll have access to specific promotions, like the betting points some platforms offer for every dollar bet in their platform. It is true that choosing two different betting platforms (one for your computer and one for your mobile device) will give you access to two different welcome bonuses and these can be very attractive, however managing two different betting platforms may be confusing and remember you’ll have to read the twice of small print regarding their playing and withdrawing restrictions.

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