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Best iPhone Apps For Making Money


There are any number of ways to make some fast money online; albeit, you won’t get rich overnight, but if you’d like to top up your piggy bank there are plenty of websites that let you offer whatever skills you possess to make money wherever you are.  
Best iPhone Apps For Making MoneyFiverr Alerts Price: Free For: iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad (iOS 4.0 or later) If you’re not familiar with Fiverr, then now’s the time to check it out. This website has to be worth a fortune now as its popularity is constantly on the rise. With Fiverr you basically offer what skills you have, such as creating short videos, designing logos, or writing articles (or even strange and bizarre skills), and the buyer pays Fiverr in increments of five dollars, and you get four out of each five dollars. This app delivers updates to your gigs so you don’t miss a single deadline. Reviews aren’t bad but essentially the app is in fact their website with the only difference being that you get push notifications when a new email or order comes in.    
Best iPhone Apps For Making MoneyiA Writer Price: $0.99 For: iPhone and iPad (iOS 5.0 and later) There is iA Writer the website and iA Writer the app – the two are different – but for the purpose of making money online with an app, you can use this app to compose poems and articles which you can sell anywhere. The website iA Writer is where you can choose an article title to write about and then as long as it’s your own work and not duplicate content (checked through Copyscape), you submit your article and get paid straight away, just like with Fiverr. It should be noted that you need a paypal account to receive funds. iA Writer pay approximately $4 for a 500 word article, and more for more content. The iA Writer app is perfect for easily-distracted writers, since the interface of the app takes up the full screen. It has smart insert, which saves time, and a night theme feature which lets you write at night (with the right light) to save eye stress. The keyboards extensions are available in eight languages and you can quickly save content to your Dropbox to avoid any loss of work in the event of a crash or freeze.  
Best iPhone Apps For Making MoneyDragon Dictation Price: Free For: iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad (iOS 4.0 and later) To buy this software on your PC, it costs approximately $200 but the app is free. It obviously has many fewer options, but still it’s incredibly useful. This tool is included in this article because in order to make money with an iPhone app, so many of the services are for writing, copywriting skills. Dragon lets you speak into your iPhone, and it instantly puts your words into text, whether in a word document or email. If you use some apple headphones with a mouth set, as long as you dictate clearly, Dragon’s success rate will shoot right up. You can use this anywhere obviously which means a pleasant dog walk could earn you $20 if you take on a job through Fiverr.    
Best iPhone Apps For Making MoneyField Agent Price: Free For: iPhone, iPod touch, and iPod (iOS 4.0 and later) Field agent is not a bad app for running services for clients all over the globe. Jobs typically pay between $3 and $15. You log into field agent, and look for a job as a field agent. You choose a job, and if you're the first person to choose the job and you're within the same area as the job, you get two hours to complete it. This app will be best for people who live in larger cities. The job may entail a trip to your local electrical store or some food outlet, but the money is real and gets paid directly into your paypal account.    

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