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Google Drive App Review


Google Drive App ReviewGoogle Drive Price: Free For:  iPhone, iPod touch, iPad Google has once again come up with an innovative way to let users organize files. Now you can access all your files from your computer on your iPad or iPhone anytime, anywhere. The Google Drive app even lets you access the big files easily. There is even 5GB free to get you started. For users who are familiar with Google’s many different apps, the layout is pretty much the same, with its familiar graphics, menu, and folder layouts. There are many helpful features such as online document editing tools that are quite similar to the offline packages, as well as tools that make collaboration easier by way of video conferencing, chat, and live group editing. There is also an efficient syncing system that gives you the ability to sync files across multiple devices. Another useful feature of the Google Drive app is its search technology which makes searching so much easier. It can recognize text in images, and even search objects it deems compatible to your text. For example, if you type the word “pyramids,” images of Egyptian monuments come up. Such smart technology is definitely a benefit to the user. Google Drive App Review Google Drive also works well with other Google products like its Chrome web browser. You can now edit Google Drive word processing documents through your browser even if you are offline, then have the edited material synced when you are back online. The only downside in using Google Drive on your Apple device is that it can be somewhat limited in what it can do. Google has a strict rule on third-party apps, and the iPhone and iPad versions of the Chrome browser cannot utilize some features that Google developed to make your web browsing experience faster. That said, this free app is still worth getting as it will benefit every aspect of your working experience. Convenience is its greatest offering and we could all use some of that.

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