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GoTranslate for Google Translate

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GoTranslate for Google TranslateGoTranslate for Google Translate™ Price: $2.99 For: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad Go Translate wants to be the “ultimate solution” to Google Translate, letting you use the power of Google Translate without the need to be online, with additional features to help you improve your dictionary while on the go. Such features include the ability to copy and paste an article and to get the best translation potentially possible from all current competing translating apps. With 66 languages you get a translator and a dictionary, plus you can interact and edit the dictionary so you are not constantly having to manually correct everything. This should be particularly useful for some languages which, when translated by Google Translate, come out pretty incoherent. When you are online your edits are saved and synced to additional devices via the iCloud. You can also disable various languages giving you easier access to the ones you need, plus it can also interpret text messages, emails, and translate comments on Facebook and Twitter. GoTranslate for Google Translate The latest upgrade includes new buttons to copy and paste a translation passage, and the rare crashes which were reported by users seem to have been ironed out. The keyboard control now comes with a pan gesture. The display is particularly sleek, where the app lists the original text in the top half of the screen in portrait and then the translated text appears beneath. It’s the homepage of the app that stands out. Here you get a list of horizontal buttons which include copy, mail, message, Twitter, Facebook and Google+. You can also sort your translation history by date, source, and translated texts and choose the amount of of results you would like the search to return.  

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