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NBC LA app review: news from the City of Angels



News apps can help you stay connected to the local events of your city and help you go about your day by having important information about what's going on in your area. If you don't have one installed on your iPhone or iPad, I think NBC LA could be worth checking out.

This app endeavors to keep its users updated on all that's going on in the city, including breaking news, weather forecasts, and even traffic reports from around the city of angels. Furthermore, you will also receive trending blog posts talking about thought-provoking matters to keep bringing you fresh perspectives that give you unique insights into the world. This is in a section called Worth The Drive.

I wanted to give this app a try so I headed over to the News section of the App Store, where I was delighted to find that it was free of cost. Of course, this means there are ads across the bottom of the screen, but they blend in quite nicely with the classic blue NBC interface and can be easily ignored. I just wish they had incorporated an option to remove ads, because I'm sure some people would pay to do it.

Let's take a closer look at this app.

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NBC4 Southern California


User Interface & Layout

You'll notice the NBC LA app only takes up 9.3 MB of space on your iOS device. It will launch very quickly and function pretty smoothly thanks to its small yet powerful body. The interface looks modern and is yet very easy to use as the controls are fairly intuitive. The NBC 4 Southern California logo is on letterhead through each screen of this app. It looks rather pleasant.

When you launch this app, you're taken to the Top Stories page by default. Here you will find all the latest breaking news from around your city presented in thumbnail view. Each of the thumbnails contains the truncated headlines along with the publishing details and are ordered chronologically to help you stay caught up. Stories appear on this feed as and when they are published.


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Top stories from LA
Top stories from LA

News Alerts & Navigation

You can set up alerts to receive push notifications each time a new story goes up. I would not recommend this strategy because it generally ends up in frustration over repeated sounds emanating from your iPhone or iPad at the most inopportune and random moments. Instead, just take some time out of your day and check the feed yourself. You only have to open the app, after all.

The stories are presented in a really lovely format, so when you tap on an article, you'll see an image first, followed by the headline, time of publishing, and the text. On the right, there's a widget that enables users to share the article, save it to favorites, or even change the font and size of the presentation to suit their preferences.

At the top left corner of the screen is a menu icon which can be used to navigate to other sections of the app, including Weather Forecast, Worth The Drive, and Videos sections that will give you a more well-rounded communication of the city of LA.


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Article presentation
Article presentation

NBC4 Southern California


Pros & Cons


  • Enjoy catching up on the latest news from the city of Los Angeles on a lovely user interface
  • Read or watch the latest news stories from around the area
  • Get real-time weather and traffic reports


  • There are many ads at the bottom of the app which detract a little from the otherwise beautiful UI


Weather forecast
Weather forecast

Final Words

I think NBC LA is a lovely app that is definitely worth downloading on your iPhone or iPad, especially if you live in LA or wish to catch up on the latest news from there.


NBC4 Southern California

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Neha Sinha

Neha has been writing and editing since 2010 and has been reviewing iOS apps since early 2014. She has lived in four different countries and loves having the world at her fingertips thanks to these awesome apps.