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ChitChat Pro app review: a worldwide chat platform where you can meet new friends



ChitChat Pro is a group chat platform where you can meet new friends from around the world. A newcomer in the online chat niche, the service is slowly getting into the mainstream together with its growing user base. The app offers some unique features including community oriented games and challenges. Developed by James Verespej, ChitChat Pro is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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ChitChat Pro


Find New Connections through ChitChat Pro

Do you want to meet new friends? Are you looking for a new chat room with a vibrant community? Then you should try ChitChat Pro, a new chat room that is slowly making waves across the world.

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ChitChat Pro is a typical chat room app that offers some unique features. To access the chat room, you have to register a username first using your email address. Creating an account on ChitChat is fast and easy. It will probably take just a few seconds to get your own username.

After completing the registration process, you can log-in to build your profile. The app allows you to upload a profile photo and write a brief bio. Once you have a profile, you can now enter any chat room.

The app follows the group chat model reminiscent of the old bulletin board rooms. Everyone online will be in a chat room and they can have running conversations on a common chat box.

The app offers an on-screen keyboard so you can type your messages. And like most chat rooms, you will simply tap the send button to display your message on the board.

Best Features of ChitChat Pro

ChitChat Pro offers a global community of like-minded individuals. It allows you to have a conversation with anyone. You can join a group conversation from the main chat room or invite someone to a private chat.

This app allows you to create your own chat room and become a moderator. You can control the rules of your chat room and allow others to join the conversation. As a moderator, you are responsible for keeping your room safe and orderly.

ChitChat offers several customization options. First, you can make your profile as unique as possible by uploading photos, avatars, and creating a brief bio. You can change the color scheme of your profile and recreate the appearance of the chat room. The app allows you to add colors to your name and font. This will make your profile more attractive and noticeable.

And lastly, ChitChat Pro offers fun games and group activities. Some of the most popular games in this app include Rock-Paper-Scissor; Roll the Dice; and Roshambo. There is a leaderboard for each game where you can compete with other members.

ChitChat Pro


Pros and Cons


  • Offers a global community of friendly people
  • Allows you to create a chat room
  • Allows you to become a moderator
  • Offers several customization options
  • Offers community games


  • Some chat rooms may not be suitable for young people
  • Lacks video chat



Final Thoughts

ChitChat Pro offers a new chat platform for those who want to meet people from different countries. It offers a vibrant community where you can chat with anyone. It also offers some unique features including community games and customizable chat room.

ChitChat Pro

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