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Dessert Maker app review


Dessert Maker

Price: Free

For: iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad with iOS 3.1 or later

Just as the title of the app suggests, this is one delicious looking game where you'll be creating all kinds of mouth-watering selections. Let your imagination and tummy run wild when you create masterful and wonderful desserts with Dessert Maker by Sunstorm Interactive.

In this food-based game you'll be making some of the most popular and favorite desserts. Get ready to step into the kitchen and get started whipping up six delectable treats.

You'll be picking from everyone's favorites cream puffs, cake pops, marshmallow crispie squares, brownies, fried ice cream, or strawberry shortcake. For this updated version you'll also be treated to a number of brand new additions. You'll be able to get random flavors, use a pink or white electric mixer, bake your brownies with a flaming torch, add all kinds of fabulous and random candy creation fillings to your marshmallow crispie squares and plenty more.

Is your mouth watering yet? Can’t you just taste all the sweets right now!

The game itself features some pretty impressive graphics that make the desserts that much tastier looking. What's really cool about this one is while it's fun for the adults, kids can also play it, which is ideal when you need to keep them entertained. It’s simple to understand and use so they’ll have the hang of it very quickly. The only downfall is that by the time they finish with the game you may be hearing them begging for their creations in real life, as looking at them on the screen only can be a bit tempting!

Dessert Maker Games - Make & Bake Desserts!


Dessert Maker Games - Make & Bake Desserts!


Dessert Maker Games - Make & Bake Desserts!

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