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Stock Market HD FREE app review: follow your stocks



Stock Market HD FREE: Stocks & Shares for iPad by Lifelike Apps, Inc gives you a way to follow along with the stock market and track all kinds of data and stocks. If you need to be able to track stock information even while on the go this is a great way to do so. This iPhone stock market app has been designed to be very simple to use, allowing you to track a number of stocks. There is a quick reference list that you can set up that will include the stocks you want to watch so you can launch the app and quickly check how they're doing.

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Stock Market HD: Stocks & Shares (Free Version)


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Additional features of the app include being able to search for stocks and add them to your list by their symbol or company name, view how the stock has changed over time as depicted on a chart, get a quick look at the percentage of change in your stock and its value, and browse all the top news stories regarding a stock you are watching. These stories can also be shared through social media.

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In-depth information is also provided such as the high and low of the stock, the daily open, the volume, market cap, and price/earnings ratio.

Stock Market HD FREE: Stocks & Shares for iPad was updated on May 6, 2013 and currently has 55 customer ratings with an average rating of three out of five stars.

This app has suffered a bit in the customer rating department but in the most recent update there were a number of bug fixes made with results that will hopefully mean the app will be much smoother moving forward.

For: iPad with iOS 5.0 or later

Stock Market HD: Stocks & Shares (Free Version)


Stock Market HD: Stocks & Shares (Free Version)

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