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'Destinia' Is Missing The "R" In RPG


'Destinia' Is Missing The

Destinia by Gamevil Inc. is an action role playing game (RPG) where the main character, Duke, tires of being a tool for the Empire and, therefore, cuts ties with his one time idol and mentor Kaiser, Captain of the Dark Knights. Imprisoned for insubordination Duke is subsequently freed by rebels and travels to his home town in search for his lost love. Destinia has all the trademarks of a traditional action RPG: hack and slash fights, non-linear quests and world exploration. However, using the iDevice as the medium for this game will leave you wanting to wait for a game patch. The storyline for Destinia is flat and predictable, inserting an antisocial hero with a dark secret grouped with a gang of rebel misfits and a dethroned princess. The conversation between characters isn’t much better. Fortunately, the scene art for cut scenes is beautiful and the in game sprites and graphics are colorful and cute. For conversations, use the skip button at the top right which will let you quickly glean important information and speed you past the boring parts.

'Destinia' Is Missing The

The major miss for this game is the game mechanics. Unfortunately, the game skips many opportunities to utilize the touch screen feature in favor of  sticking to the traditional menu selections with the directional pad and action button. Currently, the game’s interface is almost exactly like one a PC or console would use with little touch screen action used except for cut scenes and to start the game. Unlike most RPG games, Destinia has no tutorial relying instead on gamers’ intuition of the options onscreen. Provided is a directional pad on the bottom left and on the right is the action button. Item slots are also on the right and an inventory button in the shape of a treasure chest is available. Character states are on the top left while enemy states appear on the right when you’re in a fight.

'Destinia' Is Missing The

If you’re looking for a great RPG game for your iDevice you might want to pass on Destinia. However, if your dying for some level grinding, questing and PvP action this game can pass the time. AppPicker Rating: 2 / 5 Stars Pick It Up in the App Store: Destinia Other apps by Gamevil


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