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Otixo Premium app review: access all of your clouds with one app



Otixo Premium by Otixo is an app that will give you access to all of your online files from various cloud accounts. This is a free app but you must have a paid subscription. 



What It's All About

If you work online at all, or have any social media accounts, then you probably have at least a couple cloud services to which you belong. It can get difficult managing all of your files among the services.

This app supports 29 cloud services at the moment and gives you a variety of functions to perform, from moving files from one cloud to another (all without transferring to your device); searching all your clouds in one easy step; opening files in apps like Keynotes, Pages, Twitter, Camera Roll, and more; working offline when you don’t have Internet access; and more. This app basically gives you access to all of your stored documents, photos, and files in any cloud, all from your iOS device.

Some of the cloud services supported include Dump Truck, UbuntuOne, MyDrive, Dropbox, Skydrive, Huddle, Picasa, Facebook, G-Drive, Cubby, HiDrive, 4Shared, CloudSafe, and Alfresco. Once you connect your cloud accounts you can perform any of the functions mentioned above. 


Pros and Cons


  • Manages files across 29 different cloud services
  • Allows you to perform a variety of functions, all from one device



  • $9.99 for a premium subscription is pretty expensive, particularly if users are already paying to access storage accounts




Final Verdict

Personally, I have files with at least eight cloud services, and I have different content on each. When I want to move files from one to another, or download to my computer or phone to use in another app, it’s quite the process. I like that this app makes it simple and quick to move files around, often without having to transfer them to my device.


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