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Tinder app review

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This app does what is meant for, really easy to use and easy on the eyes. I found a whole bunch of folks that i really did not know and now we r BEST FRIENDS FOR EVER..u can use to find out where the next $EX party is going to be..u can meet a lot of different people, but just be careful that u don't wine up like those folks from Craig List that were killed. Any application that hides your identity on the Internet need to use with caution because you can end up in a bad place, or have very bad things done to u , in which u may like it or u do not like..u may talk to some one on this app u think he/she or really meet a he-she and she is bigger than u. Or some fat chick or some fat guy want to meet with Starbucks and they want u to bring CAKE..they always want cake..I am just saying this has never happen to me, it just happen to my friend yeah my friend I like that one..