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07 Jun 2019 Developer News
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We live in a mobile era and we are in the middle of a love affair with our smartphones with Apple’s iPhone being one of the most popular smartphones in the world, so much so that some who are not iPhone users can’t understand all the hype, speculation and rumours that surround the pending release of the next in the series.

In fact, we have come to rely on our smartphones for so many things that would once have eaten time up, and as we all lead busy lives anything that is convenient appeals greatly.


Our smartphones are capable of nearly anything these days, from dating apps to QR scanners, we browse, shop buy and pay for goods and services with a click. We also use our smartphones for entertainment. We discover the best new mobile casinos arriving onto the net, we listen to music, watch films, play games – the mobile phone has become such an integral part of our daily lives that to lose it or have it stolen is tantamount to a minor disaster.

The apps we download to our phones are many and varied but there are some that we really should have as a matter of course.


Some iPhone users do not have unlimited texting but do spend a lot of time connected to Wi-Fi. If this is you WhatsApp is the way to go as it lets you send and receive messages, picture, videos and audio notes for free. Simple to use you can set up a group of friend or family to share memories, make decisions and organise parties, events and the such like.

For those that use their smartphones for dating purposes then Bumble might just be what you are after as it flips the web dating paradigm as it’s the women that make the first move. Bumble functions pretty much in the same way as Tinder offering the woman twenty-four hours to send a message – then the match will expire.


For the LGBT community Grindr is the largest social networking app specifically for gay, transgender, bi-sexual and lesbian iPhone users. Grindr lets you find other members using your phones location and you can swap photos; talk arrange to meet with likeminded people.


If you are a gamer then consider Twitch as this great app offers its users the world of game streaming to your device allowing you to chat with others that use the app. You will also be able to view your favourite streamers channels and watch recorded videos of the top events and gamers.


Of course, there is Facebook, Instagram and Facebook messaging that we tend to see as the norm nowadays but if you do check out some of the other great apps then you can really personalise your device making it individual to you.

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