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40000+ Vegetarian Recipes app review: providing a rich collection of illustrated vegetarian recipes



If you love vegetables, then 40000+ Vegetarian Recipes is the perfect app for you. This application offers an impressive collection of different vegetarian dishes and beverages with step-by-step cooking instructions and beautifully illustrated pages. This cookbook covers everything from traditional veggie dishes to inventive DIY recipes. Developed by XiaoKK, the app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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40000+ Vegetarian Recipes


Vegetarian Cooking Becomes Easier

Some people harbor misconceptions about vegetarian cooking. They think that vegetarian dishes lack variety. Well, the 40000+ Vegetarian Recipes app proves them wrong.

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This application offers thousands of vegetarian recipes. It is a comprehensive mobile cookbook with complete cooking instructions, recipe search, beverage recipes, and many more.

When you open this app, you will be welcomed by a mouthwatering home screen that displays nine different recipe categories. Instead of the usual icons, the categories are represented by high quality images of vegetarian dishes.

Tap any category from the home screen to access a general list of recipes. Alternatively, you can use the search function of this app to find any recipe you need. The search tool allows you to look for recipe names or recipes by ingredients.

Each recipe in this app offers a beautiful image of the prepared dish. The colorful image will give you a good idea on how to plate your prepared meal. The ingredient section lists all the required ingredients for your dish with serving suggestions and estimated cooking time.

You can swipe the screen to access the nutrition facts and suggested serving size. To learn how to cook a recipe, simply swipe the screen again to access the cooking procedures. The instructions are written in English and the texts can be zoomed in for easy reading.

If you love a particular recipe, you can place it in your Favorite menu folder for easy access in the future. Just bookmark the recipe and it will be added to the Favorite list.

Best Features of 40000+ Vegetarian Recipes

40000+ Vegetarian Recipes offers more than 40,000 recipes with 15,000 high resolution photos of prepared meals and beverages. The app’s impressive recipe library contains traditional vegetarian cooking and unique meal ideas developed by famous chefs and renowned home cooks.

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This app offers nine different cooking categories that include Vegan, Beans, Beverages, Breads, Breakfast, Desserts, Fruits, Main Dish, and Salads. No matter what the occasion is, the app will help you prepare the perfect vegetarian meal.

The app also makes it easier for you to find the right recipes through its quick search feature. The search icon is located at the bottom of the screen. Tap this icon so you can look for recipes by name or by ingredients.

Another excellent feature of 40000+ Vegetarian Recipes is the useful bookmark option. It offers a quick way for you to mark your favorite recipes so they can be saved in your Favorite menu list.

40000+ Vegetarian Recipes


Pros and Cons


  • Offers more than 40,000 recipes with 15,000 photos
  • Detailed cooking instructions
  • Nine cooking categories
  • Allows search by name and ingredients
  • Favorite folder for quick access
  • Works offline


  • No multi-language support

Final Thoughts

40000+ Vegetarian Recipes is a definitive cookbook for vegans and vegetarians. It is easy to use and contains an impressive library of traditional and inventive vegetarian dishes. 

40000+ Vegetarian Recipes

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