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Who? the Game, play against your Facebook friends! app review: play the board game "Guess Who?" against your Facebook friends



This is a wonderfully original and very clever game which requires you to guess which shared Facebook friend your opponent has as mystery friend by asking the right questions and hope that the answers provided are what you need to make the right guess.

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This is a very fun game which I’ve actually been using lately as a way of reconnecting with a couple of people on my Facebook friends list.

There are definitely quite a few laughs to be had with Who? so I would definitely suggest checking it out as I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

Who? the Game, play against your Facebook friends!


Guess Who?

One of the things I found most striking about this game is the interface. It follows a similar design to old-fashioned board games with a great 1950's feel to it, and I absolutely love how the developer has managed to pull off such an authentic theme on such an advanced game such as this.

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As you might have expected with a game like this, you can register within a matter of seconds by using your Facebook account, and you can also use this to invite more people to play Who? the Game, play against your Facebook friends! and see who has the best guessing skills.

Once you’ve found someone to play against, you can use standard questions which are preset or you can create your own questions to make things a bit more personal. These will all be yes or no questions but should provide an easy way of telling how well you know your Facebook friends.


Guess Again!

There is another game mode which definitely makes things more interesting called Double Trouble. This requires that you guess two different Facebook friends so you’ll have to change up your approach to questioning just a little in order to figure out the correct answers.

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All in all, I think this is a very fun game and I reckon that as the game becomes more established and an increasing number of players become involved, Who? the Game, play against your Facebook friends! is likely to become an incredibly popular game.


Who? the Game, play against your Facebook friends!


Pros and Cons


  • Play the classic game “Guess Who?” with your Facebook friends
  • Use standard preset questions or design your own for a more personal touch
  • Double Trouble game mode requires that you guess two different targets
  • Wonderfully authentic-looking 1950’s visual theme
  • Quick and easy registration by using your Facebook account



  • There is nothing negative to say about this app


Final Words

Who? the Game, play against your Facebook friends! definitely brings back a lot of memories and I think bringing a classic game like “Guess Who?” to a modern audience is a wonderful idea.

This is a great app so be sure to check it out!


Who? the Game, play against your Facebook friends!

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