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reader review Geosonic review
by Anthony Lewis, 15 Apr 2014
We are already at this stage that music games—despite its numerous innovations in the field which it originated from—may seem decidedly passé. And really, that’s such a...
reader review Wordistic review
by Billy Williamson, 14 Apr 2014
A word a day makes the doctor go away. Yes, we essentially botched that passage, but who’s counting at this point? And really, if there’s anything which would make you sta...
reader review Maze-A-Maze review
by Adam Bridgewater, 13 Apr 2014
Puzzle games are really made for the iOS, and if you think otherwise, then well, you probably aren’t playing enough Angry Birds just yet—a prime example of a puzzle game t...
reader review Easy Bike Repair review
by Billy Williamson, 12 Apr 2014
Biking is cool now. However, the flipside to that is not that many of us bikers are known to be “grease monkeys” when it comes to repairing their gear. So really, that mak...
reader review Cube Match Free review
by Franklin Ross, 10 Apr 2014
Who knew that the iOS would prove to be so very compatible for handy puzzle games like Cube Match? And really, if that what it means to play a “disposable” game nowadays, ...
reader review Easy Bike Repair review
by Alan Hamilton, 09 Apr 2014
Biking is supposed to be an enjoyable activity. However, repairing bikes, on the other hand, is decidedly not… unless you’re the kind of person who likes tinkering with me...
reader review MileIQ review
by Ferris Jones, 09 Apr 2014
If there’s anything which makes the iPhone so useful nowadays, it’s that it practically allows you to discover all the things in any place you might be missing without rea...
reader review Qello Concerts app review
by Stacey McDermott, 07 Apr 2014
You gotta love these creative puns for apps. Regardless, this is one of the most helpful apps you can ever have for this purpose. So, how “useful” can such an app like Q...
reader review Spark Camera app review
by mrkkrishna, 05 Apr 2014
Spark camera is perfect for creating short clips. Its gesture based interface is very intuitive and perfect for touch screen. HD video export, high quality filters, easy scene...
reader review Week numbers for ever review
by Brandy Snyder, 03 Apr 2014
Do calendars have a purpose in this day and age? And more than that, do calendars still have a purpose in today’s technology, like the one you’re using on your iPhone or i...