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Sync.ME for Facebook, LinkedIn & Google+ app review: don't be embarrassed by old information



How many times have you tried to reach someone only to find out your contact information for him or her is old and no longer correct? Not only can it be embarrassing but it creates a lot of extra hassle and time spent just trying to send a simple message. The Sync.ME for Facebook, LinkedIn & Google+ app means you will always have the most up-to-date contact information including their information and picture. It’s really no surprise that there are currently more than 7,000,000 people using this app.

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Sync.ME - Caller ID & Spam Blocker


High Tech Syncing

Use this app to view all your friends' and family's most current full-screen picture from Google+, LinkedIn and Facebook when you place calls to them. You will be able to view if they have changed any of their information (email address, job title, address, website, picture, and phone number), and even receive birthday reminders so you never forget. All of this is done "magically" as the developer states, which is pretty much the perfect way to explain it.

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When you launch the app very little is required of you. Just follow a couple of quick instructions and before you know it your contact information has been updated and synced. I really enjoy the way the user interface makes it seem so high-tech during this process you feel as though it's acting like a personal assistant making sure your information is current.

As far as how quickly the syncing is done, you will be able to update your contacts within minutes. Mine took a little longer because I had to manually match a couple but even still it was within minutes that I had everything done and updated.

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A User Interface Worth Mentioning

With the Sync.ME for Facebook, LinkedIn & Google+ app it’s impossible not to mention the user interface. It is beautifully designed, feels incredibly modern and sleek, and everything about it is user-friendly. The app itself performs a rather complex task that is important for you yet the user interface makes it all feel like the most simple of steps.

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One of my favorite features is the Birthdays tab along the bottom of the screen that gives you a listing of all upcoming birthdays. Your contact appears with their picture, you see the date of their birthday, and even how old they are turning if they entered a birth year into their profile. Now here’s where things get even cooler: tap on an upcoming birthday and you can then customize a birthday card to send! Not only will you remember the birthday but you’ll be sending a super cute card.

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Sync.ME - Caller ID & Spam Blocker


Pros and Cons


  • Beautiful sleek user interface
  • Very user-friendly
  • Automatically syncs all your contact information
  • Use the app for birthday reminders and send cards


  • Some contacts will require you to manually input them

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Final Thoughts

The Sync.ME for Facebook, LinkedIn & Google+ app leaves me incredibly impressed by just how easy it is to use, and all with a beautiful design. Add this app in addition to an iPhone call blocker app, and you will be set with the function to block callers and always stay up-to-date on contacts. 

Sync.ME - Caller ID & Spam Blocker

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