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Multi-Year Weight Training app review: get started on a program



Are you looking to start a weight training program? Whether you want to create your own or work with one that is pre-made you can do both with the Multi-Year Weight Training app. This app allows you to get moving with your goals and either create a custom-made program or work with the ones within the app. Look at this app as your own personal trainer for powerlifting, bodybuilding, weight loss, general fitness, and athletics.

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Strongur: Multiyear Strength Training Bodybuilding


The New You

As we get close to the New Year why not set a personal health goal for yourself that you know you can keep? You'll be able to build muscle extremely fast using a combination of exercise and some diet changes. Before you know it the person in the mirror staring back at you will be a whole new you.

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This app goes a lot deeper than many out there because it doesn't just offer you programs: it takes a look at why you need to do certain things and how what you're doing right now might actually be setting you off track. You can learn about things like macronutrient goals, learning new tips for particular exercises that give better results, and how performance and knowledge actually work hand-in-hand. It’s a very complete weight training experience.


Using the App

It should be noted that the free version doesn't give you full access to many of the features and tools. There are a number of in-app purchases available that range in price from $1.99 to $12.99. The app takes a very professional stance on weight training which is obvious by the polished user interface. There is nothing second-rate about this app which is why it enjoys such high user ratings.

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Some of the features here include the app being able to make personal recommendations to help with your goals, there are realistic targets so you stay motivated, and the app automatically adjusts before your next workout. What does it adjust? It will change your rep/weight/set increments and decrements. These changes are all based on the workout you just completed. Creating and logging workouts is fast and easy; it literally requires one tap.

I think it’s important that users understand this app is meant for those who are more serious with their goals. This isn’t for novices looking to work out here and there. In fact many of the goals people set using this app can take a year or more to achieve.


Strongur: Multiyear Strength Training Bodybuilding


Pros and Cons


  • Professional app
  • Can be used by even the most serious weightlifters
  • Automatically makes adjustments for your next work out so you know what to do
  • Offers plenty of personalization tools



  • Can be a bit overwhelming to use because of the volume of information here


Final Thoughts

If you are serious about a weight training goal then it’s time for the Multi-Year Weight Training app. This app can help you stay on track and achieve your goals in a realistic way.


Strongur: Multiyear Strength Training Bodybuilding

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