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SpaceEffect PRO app review: turn your regular photography into something unique and special



The iPhone and iPad have turned even the most technologically challenged people into avid photographers. If you want to take your regular photographic database and turn it into an amazing work of art, be it for your own collection or to turn it into a greeting card, SpaceEffect PRO is a fantastic app to help you achieve what you're after.


With a varied and vast library of more than 270 beautiful textures as well as effects that can be applied limitlessly, this app will turn your pictures into something completely unique and special within a few seconds as you tap away to new realms of artistry.


This app costs a mere $0.99 at the moment, dropped down from its usual $1.99 pricing to celebrate its new launch.

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SpaceEffect PRO - Awesome Pic & Fotos FX Editor


Stack Attack

The most special feature about SpaceEffect PRO is that users are able to layer on multiple effects to a single photograph with no limits on the number of effects you can add, unlike other apps in this category that limit layering to five or so layers. Simply tap “Add another FX” to add more layers to your pictures.


Each of the 270 filters and effects are beautiful and high-quality, making them look like they are professionally made. Try as many different variations as you want to create magical and beautiful little works of art.


This app doubles up as a run of the mill photo-editor and will also give you several different options for regular editing such as move, adjust size, scale, flip, and rotating in 90-degree angles. You can also adjust the opacity of each effect that you add on to the photograph to ensure you achieve the look you want.


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SpaceEffect PRO screenshot 1
SpaceEffect PRO screenshot 1

A Few Desirable Adjustments

When playing around with this app for the first time, however, I found one glaring deficiency in its development and programming options: there is no undo or redo button. When applying these multiple effects and filters to achieve the look I wanted, I sometimes came across and applied a filter to try it on, and if I didn't like it, I just wasn't able to undo that action. Every photo-editing app, in my opinion, needs this feature and I urge the developers of SpaceEffect Pro to add it in their next update.


Another little glitch I found was that some of the overlays included in the database are square shaped, while others are rectangular. While this certainly adds a unique twist to some pictures, it is another drawback to the user experience.


SpaceEffect Pro gives you full social media integration so you can share your work immediately to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter or simply save it to your Camera Roll to use with other social media platforms.


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SpaceEffect PRO screenshot 2
SpaceEffect PRO screenshot 2

SpaceEffect PRO - Awesome Pic & Fotos FX Editor


Pros & Cons


  • 270 very cool pic effects to choose from
  • Stack different pic effects to your photo
  • Make endless magical pictures via stacking different effects
  • Move, rotate, scale, flip effects



  • Some filters are square and others are rectangular, making for uneven application of effects
  • There is no undo or redo feature


SpaceEffect PRO screenshot 3
SpaceEffect PRO screenshot 3

Final Words

SpaceEffect Pro is a great iPhone and iPad photo-editing app that truly does make pictures look unique. Barring a few technical inadequacies, I would use this app all the time to create pictures that add a personal touch.


SpaceEffect PRO - Awesome Pic & Fotos FX Editor

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