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Google Earth App Review


Google EarthGoogle Earth Rank: #41 on the Top 100 Free iPad Apps List as of July 28th For: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad If you think the world hasn’t gotten any smaller, think again. The latest innovation by Google Earth now has the world within your mobile device where your finger tips can explore different cities freely. Google Earth App gives you the luxury of exploring the Earth for plotting future vacations, revisiting memorable locations, or simply sightseeing things from afar, the experience bound to be unlike any other. It’s free and is a handy little tour guide to help get you to places with a tap of a finger. The latest version of 7.0.0 is equipped with a tour guide that allows you to discover new places, explore historic landmarks, and experience the natural wonders without having to book a ticket. Also equipped in the recent release is surreal imagery of entire cities in 3D that takes you across Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco, Geneva, and Rome. Other locations will soon be available in the upcoming updates. Google Earth App Review Plotting vacations can be an expensive task and with Google Earth you can save on costs that only add to additional expenses. Here you get to plot future destinations by mapping out the geographical designations, estimate the exact time to get there and read up in advance on the memorable sights. This is quite handy as well for first time businesspeople or travelers in a certain location who are unable to comprehend the language. Visiting the Earth Gallery allows visitors a chance to witness real-time earthquakes, planes in flight, trails for hiking, and tours of various cities. If you’d recall the last time you were on vacation and how much it cost you to avail yourself with special tour packages, you’d wonder just how much you could have saved had this quirky little device been around then.

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