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Discotech app review: don't head to the club without it-2021



If you're planning to enjoy the nightlife in Las Vegas or Los Angeles we've got a nightlife app that can help you have a fabulous time. The Discotech app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone to help with tickets, getting on a guest list, VIP bottle service, and just have the greatest night out possible.

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This social nightlife app is live in two of the most happening cities in the United States and the developer has announced plans to expand to other top cities such as New York City and Miami.

If you have been searching for a great nightclub app then look no further. Check out our Discotech app review for more details on this clubbing app and improve your nightlife today.  

Discotech Nightlife


Check Before Heading Out

Before you and your friends head out for the evening in Las Vegas or Los Angeles you'll want to check with this app to see if you could be making your night that much better. The app supports bottle service at more than 40 clubs located in the two cities.

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You can also get on a guest list so you can bypass the line at the door, find out what's happening in each of the cities, and buy tickets for events. What's really cool too is that you can actually collect loyalty points with the app and then when you collect enough you can trade the points in for free bottles for you and your friends to enjoy.

Check Before Heading Out image

Discover the Top Spots

What I really like about this app is that sure it helps you get into your favorite spots but it can help you discover new amazing spots to visit. This is handy if you’re new in town or just visiting one of these cities and want to find the “it” place to visit.

Right now the app supports more than 40 night club locations but as the developer has stated it plans to expand into more cities, which will make it all the more useful and relevant. It really is one of the better night club apps on the iOS. 

Launching the app I am surprised to find that more than Las Vegas and Los Angeles are represented, in fact you can also check out spots in San Francisco and Washington, DC now. I am hoping this shows that developer will in fact be adding more listings.

Just tap on the city you are interested in searching for information on and a list of clubs will appear. Beside the name of the club are dollar signs, the more signs the more expensive the club is, and there is a picture of the club in the background. Tap on that club for additional details.

Discotech Nightlife nightclub app runs on devices with iOS 12.0 or later with support of up to iOS 13.0 and it is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It will need 42.8 MB of free memory space on your mobile device to download and install.

Discover the Top Spots image

Discotech Nightlife


Pros and Cons


  • Very easy to use
  • More than 40 clubs can be found in the app
  • Find information on some of the top clubs
  • Use this app to get on guest lists


  • The information is rather slow to load
  • Only supports four cities at this time

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

The Discotech app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone and can help you turn a rather dull evening into a memorable one out on the town at one of the hottest spots.

Discotech Nightlife

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