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PBA® Bowling Challenge app review: rollin' like a pro



Are you a PBA groupie? Ever wanted to go against the big dogs? You may never get to step in an actual alley and do so, but PBA Bowling Challenge app can bring you the next best thing. This bowling app differs from the others in that your challenge is to face the pros through a lot of different levels to reach the ultimate contest: The Tournament of Champions.

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PBA® Bowling Challenge


Challenge Accepted

The PBA Bowling App is as challenging as a game can get. Step one is to choose whether you want to be a quick game player where you are your biggest challenge or to choose to make bowling your career. Career play is the heart of the game and where the action is. With 21 of the PBA’s best bowlers waiting to send you to the gutter, the challenge starts immediately. The game has several levels with a unique and fun feature of starting you out low. Your first bowl will be in a local style bowling alley; dumpy surroundings and scuffed balls greet you as you try to take opponent number one down. From here you work your way up to classier bowling establishments,  trying to win regional and national trophies. 

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Play continues until you have made it to the big one: The Tournament of Champions. Here you have to be prepared to take on greatness, bowling against the famous and infamous bowlers of the PBA. You'll unlock more options and content as you go along the way, all of which can enhance your experience.

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This Ain’t No Flat Ball

Unproductive? Hardly. The PBA Bowling app gives you tons of options to boost your gaming experience. There is an online multiplayer option that lets you bowl in real time against friends or get matched with random opponents using the game center service. You can also opt to bowl against the pros. PBA Bowling has taken this option seriously where the stats shown for each pro is based on actual stats. Their power output, hook, and control are all considered in making the accurate style, skills, and accurate recreations. Every win and loss is recorded on a leaderboard as well as a running tab of achievements you have earned. All of the challenges and trials, good games and bad, lead to the Tournament where your finger-flicking dexterity will either make or break your bowling career.

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This Ain’t No Flat Ball image

PBA® Bowling Challenge


Pros and Cons


  • Real Pro Stats
  • Cheat balls (bomb, electric and splits
  • Lots of play options
  • It’s free!


  • Need “energy" on the game to continue
  • When difficulty increases, shot angles change

Pros and Cons image

Pro Bowler Fantasy

The PBA Bowling Challenge allows you the closest possible interaction with a pro bowler that you may ever have. With the in-game pros modeled after their real counterparts, your experience is pretty dead on. Working your way up from a slum-like bowling alley, you continuously get challenged until you reach Tournament play. The app stays sharp, relevant, and will challenge the greatest of bowlers. Don’t miss out on the chance to rub shoulders with the pros, even if it is only in a bowling game app.  

PBA® Bowling Challenge

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