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Pitfall app review: the very first endless running game re-imagined for iOS



Pitfall by Activision Publishing is the re-imagination of a classic arcade game for iOS. The game puts you in the shoes of Pitfall Harry, an Indiana Jones wannabe who is running away from an erupting volcano. Running while avoiding objects to jump over, slide under, or simply whip at, this game gets harder and harder the farther you run. With high-resolution visuals optimized to run on your Retina device, the game is fun, and looks good too!



Designed for the Next Generation

The original Pitfall can be designed as the forerunner of the endless running games that appear so often on the App Store. This updated version of the game will remind anyone instantly of Temple Run. Even visually it looks similar and the way the game works is exactly the same. I see what you’ve done there, Activision. Still, this doesn’t make it any less fun to play. Checkpoints in the game allow you to start further on in the game without having to run all the way from the start. Like in Temple Run, you collect coins to buy upgrades for Harry.

You can also collect diamonds that will instantly let you play on if you accidentally run into an object or get bitten by a snake twice.


Leaderboards and In-App Purchases

The game automatically logs into Game Center and downloads your friends’ scores to compare to the distance you’ve ran. With in-game currency you can buy all kinds of upgrades, power-ups, outfits and even checkpoints. These cost a combination of treasure (that you pick up while playing) and diamonds (very rare and available for in-app purchasing). These diamonds cost anywhere between $0.99 and $99.99. You can also buy an upgrade in the store that allows you to gather treasure twice as fast for $1.99. To unlock checkpoints, Harry must have passed them first. These checkpoints costs macaw tokens, but how you get these isn’t made very clear in the game.




Pros and Cons


  • Great looking re-imagining of a classic arcade game
  • Fun to play in 2D and 3D!
  • You never have to buy extra stuff to win the entire game



  • Exactly the same as temple run
  • Confusing currency system with three kinds of money
  • No way of playing the classic version of Pitfall



Activision did a great job blowing new life into this classic franchise, simply by copying the game design of its biggest competitor on iOS. It’s an addictive game and you’ll be unlocking different power ups and upgrades as you get further in the game. The app is compatible with both iPhone and iPad and comes in just over 48 MB. If you’re looking for a great endless running game, there are better ones on the App Store, but with a dash of nostalgia, Pitfall might give you what you want. If you want to play the classic, please move along, as the game has changed too much.



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