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The best iPhone apps for science lovers

02 Sep 2015 App Lists
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From cells to stars, in this list we are going to look at the best iPhone apps for science lovers, providing you with everything you need to get your science fix each day of the week. You will find science apps which cater to learners of all ages, encompassing every imaginable aspect of science from biology to astronomy and everything in between.

Mitosis is the process by which the cells in the human body divide in order to grow new tissues and other structures, and this app has been designed to provide a detailed explanation of exactly how mitosis works. Within this app you will find tons of interactive content, as well as amazing high-quality photographs of cells, and an extensive glossary of terms that you can use to expand your existing understanding of mitosis and other concepts surrounding cellular sciences.

  • Demonstrates how cell division works in this interactive app 
  • Easy-to-understand process 
  • Promotes learning through interactivity 
  • Real-time videos of the process of mitosis 
  • Real photographs for further case studies or citations for reports

iPhone / iPad
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There are new discoveries being made in the world of science daily, and with a subscription to Discover Magazine you will enjoy being at the forefront of loads of fascinating information coming out of the research. This publication provides some very interesting theories and developments from the world of science, as well as all of the latest news and breakthroughs in health, technological science, psychology, and even environmental sciences. If you want to stay up-to-date with the latest news and events coming from the scientific community then you will definitely want to subscribe to this magazine.

  • Access the latest news and innovations from the world of science
  • Covers everything from health and medicine to technology and more
  • Subscribe for one month or one year
  • Single issues are also available for purchase
  • Enjoy high-quality photography and world-class science journalism

iPhone / iPad

Next Generation Science Standards for iPhone has been developed in partnership with the National Science Teachers Association to provide a reference for teachers, parents, and students to easily read and understand the standards. Within this incredible free resource you'll find all of the official scientific standards covering every single scientific discipline across the entire spectrum of age groups and educational levels. This app utilizes a very crisp and clean interface that should make navigation very easy and allow you to digest the content comfortably.

  • Designed to help teachers, parents, and students understand educational standards
  • Developed in partnership with the National Science Teachers Association
  • Clean interface design
  • Easy navigation
  • Up-to-date content

iPhone / iPad
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What we have here is an awesome free app for the iPhone that has been designed to provide you with all of the latest news, discoveries, and innovations coming out of the world of science, with all of the content presented in a clean newsfeed layout for easy digestion. One cool thing about this app is that it enables you to set up push notifications that will inform you of the topics that you are specifically interested in, ensuring that you only receive the most relevant updates. What's more, this app has been designed for iOS 8 to offer gorgeous visuals and uncompromising functionality.

  • Read the latest news from the world of science
  • Subscribe for personalized notifications
  • Save stories for later reading
  • Create your own personalized signs newsfeed
  • Optimised for iOS 8 and newer

iPhone / iPad
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If you have ever come face-to-face with someone who claims that global warming isn't happening then you will know how difficult it can be to provide a solid argument against the case without a decent foundational knowledge on the subject. Fortunately, Sceptical Science has been designed to provide you with all of the tools that you need to learn more about the science of global warming so that you can respond to statements from those who don’t really believe hard science and undisputable facts.

  • Learn more about global warming
  • Formulate concrete arguments against skeptics
  • Responses specifically for arguments against global warming
  • Report where you heard skeptic arguments
  • Share content online via social media

iPhone / iPad
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If you would like to learn more about Mars then this is definitely one astronomy app that you will want to check out as it provides an extensively detailed and accurate topological map of the Martian landscape. Within this app, you'll find more than 1500 surface features of Mars - recreated in striking detail, and you can rotate the planet while zooming in and out to find exactly what you are looking for. There are loads of images with interesting notes to read and links to external resources.

  • Provides an interactive learning experience 
  • Accurate representation of the Martian landscape 
  • Over 1,500 recreations of well-known topographical features on Mars 
  • Images with notes and links for further reading 
  • Smooth rotation rate

Sid's Science Fair is designed for pre-schoolers. It includes a wide variety of very educational games, entertaining games and other interactive activities that use fun approachable characters and amusing situations to help kids get engaged in the learning experience. If you have a young child that you would like to get interested in science then this app is certainly a great place to start.

  • Meant for preschool levels of learning 
  • Utilizes an experiential learning style 
  • Core science and math subjects are discussed in a breezy style 
  • “Edu-taining” games 
  • Uses hilarious situations to engage kids to learn science

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