The best wine cellar management apps for iPhone and iPad

If you’re on a quest to build your own wine cellar at home, even if you have just a few vintages on-hand, then do so in a professional way which also entails management and organization. These apps are ideal for your at-home wine cellar management so that you can find what you want easily and quickly, keep track of items you’re out of, items you’d like to try, and much more.

22 Jun 2016, by Christine Pamintuan

This is a must have wine app for users who collect and drink wine. It’s the world’s largest database of wine reviews including tasting notes, personal stories and more. Check out the community of over 350,000 people and get firsthand information and recommendations. Use the tracking tool to manage your own wine collection, search for details about a wine by just taking a photo of the label, scan barcodes to get info or to add to your collection, track you consumption history which might be ill advised for some and more. This wine tracking tool is a great addition to any user who loves wine.

  • Tack your own wine bottle collection
  • Scan barcodes or take pics of labels
  • Read wine reviews or Tasting notes
  • Over 350,000 users, Check out recommendations
  • Track your own wine consumption

Is your collection of wine growing and it's starting to get hard to keep track of what you've got? If so, it may be time for the Wine Cellar Database app. This one allows you to manage your wine cellar and customize it. The app has hundreds of thousands of wines in its database and if you'd like you can load in your own selections if you can't find them in the database. Create your very own wine categories and then drop the wines in them. You can search through wines using filters, you can sort your cellar, and rearrange it as you please. For a more detailed approach you can add a photo to the wine listing.

  • Acts as an organizational tool
  • Manage your cellar into customized categories
  • Rearrange and re-name your categories
  • Search for wines in the database or add them in manually

Wine Cellar Database 2.0 for iPad app review

This app prides itself on being a simple and powerful tool to manage your wine cellar. You can catalog your wines and organize them however you see fit. It’s easy to gauge whether or not a bottle is perfect for opening up now or if it’s best to let it age more. The key is to be thorough when entering the details of the wine bottle. There’s a powerful search tool to view your virtual wine cellar from styles and regions to favorites, what’s ready to drink now, prices and more. What you see is what you get with this wine app. There are no hidden fees or ads to constantly annoy you.

  • A simple and powerful wine cellar app
  • Enter in all the details of your wine bottle
  • Highly functional search tool to browse your cellar
  • See what bottles are ready to drink now
  • No hidden fees, No advertisements 

Take a photo of the wine label and get back instant details, ratings and more. Keep track of your favorite wines and learn more about the industry and the manufacturers. This app even allows you to purchase wine and have it delivered to your home. Get reviews, tasting notes, add your own ratings and notes, tag others, share your recommendations with others, and get wine information like never before. The app’s design is clean, smooth functioning and a professional looking interface. It’s a great platform for wine enthusiasts to get plugged into the larger world of wine drinking and collecting.

  • Clean look, Smooth function, Professional interface
  • Get reviews and tasting notes for wine
  • Take a photo of wine label and get back details of that wine
  • Add your own ratings and notes, Save your favorites
  • Purchase wine through the app and have it delivered

Delectable Wine app review: discover and share

Cellar focuses on one thing, managing your wine collection. Create your virtual cellar of the wine bottles you currently own. When you finish a bottle, you can save it in the Garage section so that you can reference it in the future. Customize each bottle based on the label, shape, color and top. Add information about the producer, vintage, blends, where it’s from, price, type, pairings and more. You can even rate it how you see fit or add personal notes. Backup and sync your database, search and sort through your collection, view stats on your collection and even shake your iDevice for a random choosing of wine. A great wine management app for all iOS users.

  • Create and manage your wine collection
  • Customize details for each bottle’s inventory
  • Add ratings, personal notes, price, location, vintage
  • Backup and sync database, View stats of collection
  • Shake iDevice for a random choosing of wine

This wine cellar app is great for both beginners and the advanced collector. There are roughly 50 different descriptors for you to add pertinent information about each and every bottle. That allows you to make this app simple or the most in-depth tool you could possibly imagine regarding wine collecting. Simply add the wine bottle manually to your collection or automatically through the large database. A powerful search engine will help you filter through your collection based on 40 different fields. Add ratings, tasting notes, view pro ratings, complete stats on your collection, match dishes to wine, view producers and regions, customize graphics, create PDFs of each wine and many more great features that you can read about in our app review.

  • Great app for beginners and advanced users
  • In-depth system to catalog and detail your wine
  • Powerful search tool to browse through your collection
  • Quickly add bottles, ratings, notes and more
  • Share with others, Import/Export lists, Customizable options

VinoCellar app review: log your wine

Ok, so you have a budding wine collection that impresses friends, family and earn the respect of other collectors. But, what do you drink the wine out of? You can’t just chug it from the bottle. And, a coffee mug or paper cup aren’t conducive for wine drinking. That’s where this app comes in handy. Choose which wine you are drinking from the app’s list and receive recommendations on which wine glass to use. This recommendation will ensure a proper tasting and fit any occasions. So, before you have friends over or open a bottle to celebrate a special moment, make sure you have the right wine glasses ahead of time.

  • Great app for wine newbies
  • Learn which glasses go with which bottles
  • Get recommendations based on type of wine
  • Make sure you are prepared for any special occasion
  • Choose the wine from a built-in list  

Those with an appreciation of wine will love the Wine Events app which gives you a chance to stay in the know of all the upcoming events. This app offers a calendar of upcoming wine, beer, spirit, and food events so you never have to miss out again. You can obviously find the ones in your hometown or you can explore other cities and towns. You can share these events with friends and family, you can purchase tickets through the app and often save money on them, and you can also check-in straight through the app.

  • Discover what events are happening nearby and in other cities and towns
  • Browse through the calendar of upcoming wine, beer, spirit, and food events
  • There are a number of mobile exclusive ticket prices
  • Check-in through the app
  • Share events with friends

The Pocket Wine app may just become your favorite wine companion tool in a very short time thanks to its selection of user-friendly tools and features. Use this app to learn about grape varieties and blends so that you can start to get a better understanding of what makes up the wine and what makes each one taste different. As you learn you'll also be able to figure out those tasting notes you enjoy and the ones you'd prefer to avoid. You will be able to learn about wine matching when it comes to your food and even answer questions that will lead to your own specified taste profile. For more on this best wine app, check out our app review.

  • This is a learning tool
  • Become an expert on grape varieties and blends with the help of the app
  • Learn to identify your taste profile
  • Learn about how to match wine with food


Pocket Wine app review: become a wine expert

This app is all about wine and social interaction. In fact, it’s unlike any other wine app. Think Facebook for winos. Meet and make new wine friends from all over. Share your wine experiences with other wine aficionados. You can earn merits by drinking wine. Some of the merits are funny. In fact, this whole app is rather amusing whether you have had a glass of wine or not. Learn more about wines from others, exchange opinions, keep a log of the wines you drank and meet up for some wine tasting. There’s an in-app purchase included with this app.

  • A social platform for wine drinkers
  • Earn merits by drinking wine
  • Talk about wine with old and new friends
  • Meet others and go drink wine
  • In-app purchase included

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