The best event planner apps for iPad

Putting a large event together can be stressful and complicated with multiple aspects to worry about. Mobile app technology can minimize the stress and help you stay organized and on top of all the moving parts so you can pull off the event with aplomb. Here is our list of the best event planner apps for iPad.

23 Mar 2016, by Rick Rockwell

Diobox gives you everything you might need to manage guests and events and to control all aspects of the event you are planning, from the beginning to the end. You can create events, import contacts, assign multiple guest lists, create and track guest activities, manage invitations and RSVPs, check in guests and their Plus-Ones, and arrange seating and tables. You can view detailed analytics like guest responses to RSVPs, number of times a guest opens and clicks an invitation, and answers to questionnaires. This app pushes your data to all your devices in real-time.

  • Create events
  • Manage guests and events
  • Arrange seating and tables
  • Manage invitations and RSVPs
  • Free iPad app for event planning

SquadUP lets you create and manage events on your iPad, send invitations, create a customized event page for mobile and web that integrates easily with all social media channels, and you can access all of your SquadUP events. This app is perfect to manage fundraisers, networking events, conferences, parties, concerts, and more. You can check in guests, share photos, message event attendees, and curate content from Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook with event hashtags. There's even a Social Gallery where guests can look at videos and photos before, during, and after their events. Use the app to search by interest, name, location, or host, and discover featured events.

  • Real-time messaging during the event
  • Find event details including directions and maps
  • Send invitations, track RSVPs and ticket sales
  • Access all of your SquadUP events
  • Free to download

Invitd is an RSVP app that sends personalized invitations using text message. You can get responses immediately and it's easy to track when people see their invitation. Save yourself money on stamps and get going! Just create an event and start adding your guests. Send each guest a text message that has a unique link to view their invitations. They do not need the app to view and it takes them just a touch of the finger to respond. You can track opened invites, RSVPs, and number of guests attending. When a guest responds, you will get a notification.

  • Choose from the offered backgrounds or upload your own
  • Personalize them for each guest
  • Easy to create an event
  • Add guests and send invitations via text
  • Free with in-app purchase

No matter if you need to manage two guests or 20,000, Check In Easy will help. Use it for guest registration, check-in, and management at events. All you have to do is sign up for an account online and then upload an Excel guest list and you're ready. Get rid of those clipboards and paper because the app will do all that for you. You can easily add guests as you need to, and you will get text and email alerts when important guests arrive. You can search for guests, ask custom questions at check-in, get live stats, collect signatures at check-in, and more. There's an integrated ticket scanner that allows you to send your guests printable tickets with their own unique bar codes, and you can have more than one device running the app for check-in.

  • Easy to input guest list
  • Alerts when important guests arrive
  • Boarding pass feature
  • Download guest list of who attended and when
  • Free with in-app purchase to upgrade

If you're tired of using Excel or paper and pencil to keep track of guests when they check in, try Social Tables Check-in. It's fast, secure, and professional, so you can rest assured knowing your guest list is safe and will allow you to easily and quickly sign guests in when they arrive. You can keep track of what table they will sit at, their title, which organization they work for, and what meal they have chosen. It is easy to add and edit guest lists and fields include a space for notes.

  • Use your iPad to check in guests
  • Fast, secure, and professional
  • Quickly check in guests
  • Easy to add and edit guest lists
  • Free event planner app for iPad

If you've ever tried to organize an event where guests are asked to bring something, you know how difficult it can be sometimes to keep on top of who is bringing what. This app, ThingToBring, makes it easy. Use it to know who is bringing what item to your next volunteer event, cookout, party, or potluck. The app is quick and easy to use. Just list the things people can bring to your event, text message or send email invites to guests, and track who is bringing what. You won't have to worry about ending up with three spinach dips and no main course dishes anymore!

  • Quick and easy
  • Know who is bringing what
  • List things people can bring
  • Text message or email invites
  • Free app with few or no ads

KeeDoWi allows you to easily organize a gathering using just a few clicks. Yelp integration lets you choose locations quickly, and you can invite anyone on your contact list. You can do all the organizing and planning on your device whether it is a weekend getaway, a work dinner, or a night out. The app has you set up options easily and get fast feedback from your friends. It uses a voting system where everyone has a say. Just create an event, provide options, let everyone vote, and let the most popular vote decide.

  • Great for last-minute planning
  • Let the app help decide where to go and what to do
  • Makes it simple to organize events
  • Everyone gets to vote
  • Free iPad app for event planning

Once you use yada once, you'll never use a different event planner again. It doesn't matter what kind of event you have to plan, yada will help. No event is too big or too small. Create an event page, add photos, descriptions, and additional info pages as needed. You can set the event to private, public, ticketed, or moderated. Invite your guests or use QR codes or short links to share on social media if your event is set to Public. Your photos, videos, and comments will be combined into a real-time slide show using LiveView that can be displayed on walls and screens around the venue, or watch later on your iPad.

  • For events large and small
  • Set the event to private, public, ticketed, or moderated
  • Invite guests with invitations or use QR codes or short links
  • Real-time slide show
  • Watch the video slide show later to relive the best moments

Create an event, create your guest list, and PurpleSlate will send a text message inviting your guests. They download the app to respond to the invitation and the app becomes a way to connect and share the event afterwards. Whether you are planning a date night or a huge party, this app lets you send invitations fast, straight from your contacts. You can share photos, videos, and messages with guests, and personalize your invitations with Photo Editor. There is also a chat option. Sync events in the Calendar, add reminders, and get a live news feed of your personal events.

  • Send invites via text message
  • Guests download the app to respond
  • Use the app to connect with guests
  • Watch videos, share photos, send messages, or have group chats
  • Free app for event planning

This is an event-based task manager that allows you to plan and manage your upcoming events. It's a simple to-do list and day counter that you will use to help relieve the stress and disorganization that comes with planning large events. Create an upcoming event or anniversary, add all the tasks you must complete before the day arrives, count down the remaining days so you can plan ahead, set reminders, and star important events. You can also share an event poster. The user interface is simple and elegant, the app has beautiful wall papers to use, and it's easy to check off list items as you complete them.

  • Event-based task manager
  • To-do list
  • Day counter
  • Set reminders and star important events
  • Free with in-app purchase

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