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The best iPad apps for attorneys

10 Aug 2013 App Lists
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It may not surprise you, but attorneys really need all the help they can get! With clients and cases to keep track of, what’s one to do? Thankfully, these apps are here to help you! 


iPhone / iPad

As anyone knows, you can get into an accident at any time. Luckily you have this app to help!

  • Records any important details of the crash by video, photo, or text notes
  • FAQ section
  • Forms to help you know what info to collecto from witness and other driver(s)
  • Automatic GPS locator to record specific info about the location 
  • Emergency services locator

iPhone / iPad

Everyone’s got their own Breaking Bad character lurking within themselves, right? That’s how you come to know when you need to download this app!

  • Works well for either lawyer or client
  • Teaches you what and when to counter while you’re being handed your “rights”
  • Automatically sends an emergency arrest text to your trusted contact
  • List of rights
  • Records necessary info of your arrest

iPhone / iPad

By being a lawyer, that doesn’t mean that you should go on undermining the law every chance you get! And this app reminds you why you became one in the first place!

  • Necessary refresher course for every scope of the law
  • Know how to act like a true practitioner of the law
  • 850 opinions on varying topics
  • Lists ethics to be observed as a lawyer on social media
  • Share resources via email or Facebook

iPhone / iPad

The one situation where you often end up on the wrong side of the laws is when you are driving. Well, worry about it no more with the help of this app!

  • National scope
  • Covers speeding, traffic, and DUI offenses
  • Free consultation
  • Operated by a team of motor law specialists
  • 24/7 support

iPhone / iPad

Do you work for the state of Connecticut as a lawyer? Well, good - here’s an app for you!

  • Full access to the Connecticut bar directory
  • Full text for all state laws
  • Interactive map
  • In-app GPS directing you to assigned courthouse
  • Includes the Connecticut Practice Book

iPhone / iPad

If there’s only one kind of law you’ll have to study for anything, the one contained in this app better be it!

  • Complete text of the law in question
  • Search by laws or categories
  • Links to related sources
  • All docs in PDF format
  • Supports iPrint

iPhone / iPad

Tell you what - this app is even better than your standard photocopied reviewer, that’s for sure! 

  • Thousands of sample questions
  • Daily drills
  • Turns studying into a game
  • Can also be downloaded on any iOS device
  • Updated content

It can definitely be a hassle tracking all of your clients, even if you have two secretaries working for you full-time! Thankfully, this app takes a huge load off your duties!

  • Organizes all your client files
  • Random-generated password protection system
  • Discerns patterns by cases
  • Allows for sharing of info with trusted colleagues
  • Customizable intake forms

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