The best health insurance apps for iPhone

You probably never considered the option that insurance can be cool, right? Well, maybe it still isn’t, but at least there are some cool apps you can get that help you manage your insurance. These apps can make filing claims a lot easier, put you in contact with customer service reps, and even get you some discounts on policies. Check out our list of the best health insurance apps for iPhone.

30 Jun 2016, by  Joseph Batcagan

OpenTreatment is a universal intake form that verifies and authorizes insurance and provides you with wait times at your local ER. It’s easy to find a doctor and then send you intake form, insurance info, and even medical records to any doctor’s office or hospital using this app. There’s a search function so you can search for a doctor using a map, download your medical files and x-rays, and more. Keep a photo of your insurance card, and use this app to help your medical care provider updated on your condition and reason for visit before you even get there.

  • Hospital/doctor intake form
  • Live ER wait times
  • Search function by radius
  • Send all your medical records, x-rays, and labs ahead
  • Free health insurance app for iPhone

MyIH is an app from Independent Health that offers members the ability to find a doctor or health care facility and access their ID card and benefits from their iPhones. Features of the app include Find a Doctor, which lets users search for an urgent care facility, pharmacy, hospital, or doctor and then load driving directions or place a call; My ID Card that gives users 24-7 access to their Independent Health Member ID cards; My Benefits, which shows users their coverage for any procedure; and My Deductible Tracker, that keeps track of your in-network deductible balance. All of this is done safely and securely, with no worry that unauthorized people can access your information.

  • Find a doctor, health care facility, pharmacy, or clinic
  • Load driving directions or place a call
  • Digital member ID card
  • See what benefits coverage you have
  • Free health insurance app for iPhone

Life Happens Needs Calculator is a simple app to help you determine how much life insurance you need. Just fill in some financial info and the app will give you an idea of your needs. Since everyone’s situation is different, and the amount of insurance you need will depend on different variables, you’ll need to contact an insurance professional to get an exact number. Life Happens is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people make life insurance decisions. You’ll answer questions like your total annual income your family would need if you died today, final expenses for your funeral, and more.

  • Figure out how much life insurance you need
  • Answer some basic financial information
  • Get an estimate of your insurance needs
  • Contact an insurance professional to get an exact number
  • Free iPhone app for health insurance

HealthYI can help find out if your health care provider and doctors are in your network and schedule appointments from within the app. Features include a health checklist, the option to ask healthcare experts a question, the ability to find a doctor, and even the ability to schedule doctor’s appointments. Don’t get stuck with expensive medical bills! Make sure you get an appointment with a doctor that’s covered in your network.

  • Find providers in your area
  • Book an appointment with doctors in your network
  • See ratings for doctors
  • Health checklist
  • Great response to queries

Health Insurance Arithmetic is for healthcare professionals, and used by employers and savvy consumers get a good faith estimate of their cost. Providers collect deductibles, copays, and coinsurance at the time of the service and consumers just have to hand their iPhone to the billing person and ask them to fill out the form. Any combination of copay, deductible, allowable, out-of-pocket maximum, non-covered services, and coinsurance can be entered to see how the cost is split between the plan and the patient. There are a number of variables that could impact a health insurance claim but this app will present a good faith estimate.

  • Designed for healthcare professionals
  • Gives patients a good faith estimate of their costs
  • Enter any combination of variables
  • Cannot guarantee the outcome of how a health insurance claim will be adjusted
  • One-time purchase

iCan Benefit gives you smart insurance choices you can afford. The app will give you a wide variety of coverage options, all affordable. You’ll get major medical plans that are fully compliant with the Affordable Care Act, non-insured benefit programs, and supplemental insurance plans that will help you in your goal to lead a healthier life. Use the app to find a plan that suits your needs and your budget, and join thousands of people who have already used the app to save money.

  • Get smart insurance choices
  • Get a wide variety of coverage options
  • Find a plan that suits your needs and budget
  • Save money
  • Free health insurance app for iPhone

Health Insurance Authorization and Compliance Form is for people who need to be able to provide personal information on demand. Just fill in the form and give it to specialists to release your private info, and to allow medical establishments use and access it. You can customize the app to meet your own personal needs. It collects info on your name and date of birth, medical records to be released, digital signature, contact information, address, social security number, and more. You can use the app to share PDF and Excel reports, work offline, edit and re-send records, and save complete forms on your device.

  • Gives medical establishments your personal information
  • Stores personal info to have it on demand
  • Customize the app to suit your needs
  • Save created reports to cloud drives
  • Print outPDF and Excel reports

LowerYourQuote allows you to post your renewal quotes and get up to three lower quotes that you can choose from. Get your quote for life, health, and medical insurance when it’s time to renew. Why spend more than you have to. The app only takes two minutes to use and it is optimized for life insurance quotes and renewals but also gives you the best and cheapest quotes vs just a simple price comparison. You’ll get simplified health and medical insurance coverage and that’s what you’ll get: quotes for the best, cheapest life, medical, and health insurance.

  • Post your renewal quotes
  • Get up to three lower quotes
  • Review them and choose the best supplier
  • Save money
  • Free health insurance app for iPhone

Health eXpress is a health care access portal through which users can get an online consultation with a real doctor, from the comfort of their own home. Doctors are board certified and licensed by Providence or Sweden. For a flat fee of $39, users can get their concern diagnosed and access treatment plans without an appointment. Consultations are confidential and secure, and users are connected immediately. Health eXpress accepts HSA cards and insurance, where applicable. Patients will get downloadable consultation notes for their records or to provide directly to their primary physician. The app syncs with Apple Health, for a truly 21st century house call.

  • Consult with a physician
  • Accepts insurance where applicable
  • Downloadable consultation notes
  • Syncs with Apple Health
  • No appointment necessary

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