The best Texas holdem apps for iPad

If you love Texas Hold’em poker then you’re going to love this list of the best Texas Hold’em apps for iPad. The larger screen real estate and amazing graphics are going to wow you, so don’t be afraid: go all-in and have a look at these great poker apps.

10 May 2016, by Cherry Mae Torrevillas

If you want to be able to play poker whenever and wherever, even when you don’t have an Internet connection, then the Texas Hold em Offline Poker app is what you need. This one is good for everyone from beginners to expert players, with advice given on earlier levels and the fun and easy interface. You can play against advanced computer opponents if you think you’re good enough, and there re a total of five different levels of play. You can listen to your own music while you play, there’s a hand ranking chart, and the sounds are realistic.

  • Offline play
  • Advanced computer opponents
  • Smooth animations and realistic sounds
  • Fast gameplay
  • Free with in-app purchases

You can play with people all over the world with Live Holdem Poker. Since it’s live, you’ll need an Internet connection, and a little bit of skill wouldn’t be remiss. Whether you’re a beginner who has never really played, or an advanced player with tons of earnings under your belt, you’re sure to find a table that will work for you. Poker fans from all over the world come here to play and talk over some games. Features include personal avatars, lottery draw, ring games, sit-n-go tournament mode, and live chat.

  • Over 200 virtual gifts you can send people on the tables,
  • Connect using your Facebook
  • Free daily gold
  • Live chat
  • Free with in-app purchases

Poker Friends gives you a reason to stay in and play with your iPad! You won’t have to go anywhere to sit down and play a game of Texas Hold’em with your family members and friends, because you can play with your device, anywhere and anytime. You can create private tables, participate in Weekly Competitions, move up the charts, and brag to your friends. There’s no opportunity to win real money here, it’s all for fun. You can, of course blow your own money on the app with the in-app purchases, if you want. You will earn weekly winnings, compete for prizes, and the photo name plates are fun.

  • Non-stop action
  • Compete for prizes and bragging rights
  • Move up the charts
  • Play poker with your friends whenever you want
  • Free with in-app purchases

Poker Friends ® app review: play on private tables to pit yourself against your nearest and dearest

Governor of Poker 3 gives you a great multi-player poker experience you’re going to love. You get five different formats, which means that every type of poker player will be able to choose the game they prefer. You will have thousands of other real poker players to go up against in live games, so get started! You’ll start off as a rookier and have to work yourself up to become a VIP player. You’ll get 30,000 free chips, a hat, and gold when you download the app. Other features include more free chips every 4 hours, guest mode so you can play anonymously, a bonus for connecting using Facebook, and the option to chat with other players.

  • Huge free welcome package
  • Win achievements and badges
  • Play with friends
  • Five different formats
  • Free with in-app purchases

Texas Holdem Poker Free, called Celeb Poker in the description,  is made up of a community of poker players who are always looking for new players. You’re likely to learn some new skills and who knows? You might even teach some other people a thing or two. Some of the features of this app include multi-table mode, special promo events, private tables, weekly giveaways, and leaderboards. You’ll only need one account that will sync across all your devices, and you’ll like the hourly SnGs and MTTs. There is also fast 5 and 9-seat ring game tables.

  • Multi-table mode
  • Private tables
  • Special promo events
  • National and Worldwide leaderboards
  • Free with in-app purchases

Insta Poker Coach Texas Holdem makes you feel as though you’re playing in a real tournament. It will help your game enormously, whether you are just starting out or a seasoned player. It breaks down potential scenarios very well, showing you how to win and score big by making good decisions, not by winning chips. You’ll win in-app currency called ProCoins based on how well you play, not the outcome of the hand. Use them to unlock Hand-Packs. The app has contributors like Jonathan Little, Huck Seed, and Antonio Esfandiari.

  • Poker hands are packaged into Hand-Packs
  • Win ProCoins for playing well, not for winning
  • Game scenarios crafted by poker experts
  • Play one Hand-Pack for free
  • Free with in-app purchases

World Poker Club is a social poker app where you get to play your fave poker games and go up against all types of competitors in the weekly tournaments. There are surprises and bonuses, themed collections with different rooms, chat feature, player ratings, and gifts you can give to other players. You’ll get free chips, you can sign up and play using your Facebook account, and the atmosphere is friendly and fun. The gameplay is intuitive and since the latest update, the app runs even better than before.

  • Stylish interface
  • Competitive weekly tournaments
  • Play Texas Hold’ Em and Omaha
  • Sign up using your FB account
  • Free with in-app purchases

Texas Holdem Poker! will connect you with real people playing online whenever you want. The app is great for everyone from complete newbies who need to learn the rules to advanced poker pros. You’re sure to find a table suitable to your skill and interest levels. Some of the features include personal avatars, lottery draw, gifts you can send to people playing, fast registration using Facebook, ring games, and sit-n-go tournament mode. You will need to give the app permission for certain things so make sure you read the iTunes description page for more information.

  • Over 200 items you can send to other players as gifts
  • Free daily gold
  • Live chat feature
  • Personal avatars
  • Free with in-app purchases

If you like video poker, downloading Video Poker: World Tournament is bound to be one of the best things you’ll do this week. You get to team up with other video poker players around the world and enter tournaments. You get free bonus chips, a great user interface, high-quality graphics, Game Center leaderboard and achievements, and the option to build your own video poker team. You can also sell other video poker players to each other to get more chips. You’ll love the double-or-nothing game.

  • Win chips to unlock a new able
  • Build your own team
  • Free bonus chips from Daily Gift Cards
  • Great shuffle engine
  • Free with in-app purchases

Poker Odds+ is a tool to help poker beginners and pros alike gain a competitive advantage. It’s a calculator app that offers basic and advanced calculations. Features include an easy-to-use interface and fast, solid calculations that have been tested for accuracy. You get a hand strength tool, a calculator that helps you determine your pot odds, an odds calculator tool, an expected value calculator tool, and a range analysis tool. You also get an independent chip model two you can figure out your equity in a tournament based on your chip stack in relation to all of the tother chip stacks.

  • Poker tool for people of all skill levels
  • Universal app
  • Basic and advanced calculations for Texas Hold’em
  • Fast, accurate calculations
  • Many different tools

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