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The best iPhone apps for learning sign language

21 Apr 2015 App Lists
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If you want to learn sign language or brush up on your signing skills then check out our list of the best sign language apps for your iPhone.


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iPhone / iPad
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This app has 9 video lessons that are easy to follow. Covers major topics of life. 

  • Teaches you dexterity at signing
  • Guided by noted ASL practitioner Renee Moore
  • Lists the most common signs being made
  • Teaches you when the best time is for busting out your new signing chops

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Learning how to sign the alphabet is arguably the best place for beginners to start and this app will help you with that. 

  • Proper hand signs for the alphabets
  • Encourages you to “practice” your skills
  • Memory and vocabulary games
  • Four different lessons
  • Colorful interface

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iPhone / iPad

If you want to learn a foreign language, then try your signing skills with Japanese sign language. 

  • Lets you learn sign language in Japanese
  • Lets you learn the Japanese language, to boot
  • Two-in-one value
  • Multi-lingual interface
  • Clear illustrations

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If you are interested in learning American Sign Language, then check out this free app.

  • Hosted by Academy Award-winning actress Marlee Matlin
  • Teaches you the basics of sign language
  • Makes the learning process smooth and easy
  • Step-by-step spelling
  • Text-to-sign translation 

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This app is designed for kids as Sammi will teach them the basics. It's both fun and educational for the kiddos. 

  • Basic ASL words
  • Uses words that will relate to kids
  • In-app quiz
  • Makes learning fun
  • Beautiful interface

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iPhone / iPad

Learn over 100 of the most "everyday phrases" with this app. It's great for beginner and intermediate users. 

  • 100 useful phrases
  • Updated content
  • Option to download additional content
  • Flashcard-style quizzes
  • Easy swiping of videos

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The Jehova Witnesses have translated their version of the bible in sign language and they did an awesome job with this app. 

  • The Bible translated word-for-word in sign language
  • Useful video publication
  • Colorful images
  • Automatically look up on cited verses
  • Manages your app space

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Over 5,000 words displayed for you on high definition videos. Also includes other features like quizes, favorite lists and more. 

  • Over 5000 words
  • Lets you sign the same word
  • Learn multiple ways to sign
  • Add specific words to favorites
  • Works offline

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This app teaches you ASL in a game-like manner. Great for those who learn things differently than the norm. 

  • Represents 26 letter of the alphabet
  • Game-centered learning
  • Share your scores online
  • Daily leaderboards
  • 24/7 support

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This is the classic ASL tutorial compressed to a single mobile app.

  • High ratings
  • Full application
  • Updated resources
  • Clear images
  • Intuitive interface

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Teaching sign language to babies is not only great for communication but it also improves their cognitive and learning skills as well. 

  • Includes all 340 signs
  • Detailed images
  • Fully interactive
  • Customizable settings
  • 24/7 support

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iPhone / iPad
1 review
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Endorsed by speech therapists, this app is designed to teach parents and babies how to sign.

  • Contains 336 signs of American Sign Language
  • Video demonstrations of the signs
  • Colorful flashcards for teaching
  • In-app purchases for other languages
  • Very colorful and visually appealing 

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