The best foreign exchange apps for iPhone

If you plan on traveling internationally, or are looking to purchase stocks and products around the globe, then check out our list of the best foreign exchange apps for your iPhone.


8 Jan 2015, by Cherry Mae Torrevillas

Find out the latest exchange rates to ensure you don't get swindled out of your hard-earned cash while on vacation with this awesome app.

  • Constantly updated
  • Lists all of the latest currency updates
  • Useful for all over the world
  • Good financial metric system
  • Swap from one currency to the other without losing anything in value

If you’re scouting out the right currencies for potential investments on your FOREX accounts, then this is the app for you.

  • Gives you all the help that you can
  • Mini-calculator app
  • Enables you to calculate the domestic currency value
  • Compare against the strike price or even for its foreign equivalent
  • Intuitive, one-swipe function 

Perform real-time currency conversion on over 150 currencies in three different views.

  • Powerful conversion functions
  • Three beautiful films
  • 150 currencies and counting
  • Auto-refreshing functions
  • Works offline

Currency Converter HD app review: covering over 150 foreign currencies

Not only can you use this app for simple currency conversion and calculation, but you can also use it to get historical price trends and more.

  • Updated exchange rates
  • Add favorite currencies
  • Full retina graphics
  • Slick interface
  • 150 currencies and counting

iCurrency Pad ~ Currency Converter & Exchange Rates app review: with support for more than 150 worldwide currencies

This all-round calculator allows for not only live currency conversions but it also allows you to calculate the area, fuel mileage, pressure, power, length, speed, temperature, and much more. Did I mention it's free?

  • Fully optimized
  • Beautiful designs
  • Updated resources
  • Works offline
  • Useful icons

Convert Units FREE app app review: convert all manner of globally recognized units in seconds

This beautiful app converts not only 150 of the major currencies around the world, but it also supports BitCoin, LiteCoin, and Dogecoin!

  • Supports BitCoin
  • Simple interface
  • Updated exchange rates
  • Inverts currencies
  • Accurate decimal places

My Currency Converter app review

This app boasts support of over 190 currencies, works without the internet, and supports customized rates too!

  • 190 currencies
  • Different functionalities
  • Graphical charts
  • Custom exchange rates
  • One-touch reverse functions

eCurrency app review: a quick reference tool

This free app allows access to real-time currency charts, market price overviews, and much more.

  • Robust functions
  • Smart profit calculator
  • Useful for pivot points
  • No signups
  • Viewable history 

Forex On The Go Lite app review: up-to-date trading details

This simple yet powerful currency exchange app is completely free of charge and comes with over 120 currencies.

  • Up-to-date info
  • Calculates latest exchange rate
  • Lists over 100 currencies
  • Intuitive interface
  • 24/7 support

This app features the most currencies, at more than 220 currencies supported, and even includes Bitcoin!

  • Updated currencies list
  • Full converting functions
  • Complete graphical interface
  • Daily automatic updates
  • Add your own currency

Currency Converter app review

This free app allows for the exchange of currencies from your fingertips.

  • Also includes bitcoin rates
  • Smart charting functions
  • Full FOREX streaming dashboard
  • Instant pattern recognition
  • 24/7 support

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