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The best iPhone apps for foreign dishes

06 Jan 2015 App Lists
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If you pride yourself as a foodie and enjoy trying different foods, especially foreign dishes, then check out our list of the best iPhone apps for foreign dishes.

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iPhone / iPad

This app contains a foreign dishes from all over the world for every day of the year.

  • Recommended download
  • Very useful
  • Details every exotic dish
  • Includes “common” fare like Chinese Chicken to more unusual ones like Turkish Pudding
  • Helps fill up your dinner table every night 

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iPhone / iPad
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Bring traditional Maltese flavors to your dinner table with this app thanks to the easy-to-follow recipes, tricks, and tips.

  • Diverse cuisine
  • Influences some of the most common dishes we’re used to eating now
  • Know how you can save money for cooking
  •  Even useful for cooking Figolli
  • Recommended download 

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iPhone / iPad

Whip up elaborate three-course European meals with ease thanks to this app.

  • Details American and Old-World European cooking
  • Taste Pumpkin Soup cooked the “classic” way
  • Lists all of the most common European dishes
  • Utilizes different ingredients
  • Learn how to cook any dishes

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iPhone / iPad

Spice up your kitchen with incredibly intricate and delicious Korean dishes including the ever popular Kimchi.

  • Lists simple Korean cuisine
  • Useful interface
  • Voiced tutorials
  • Step-by-step demonstrations
  • No streaming needed

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Find out where you can grab your next halal meal with this app, which serves as a fantastic guide to halal restaurants as well as mosques.

  • Comprehensive restaurants
  • Submit restaurant reviews
  • Useful for any place in the world
  • Daily coupons
  • 1,500 restaurants listed

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Find exotic as well as classic recipes from around the world with this beautiful app.

  • Lists recipes from different countries in the world
  • Thorough recipe searching
  • Easy recipe collection
  • Automated shopping list
  • Intuitive interface

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iPhone / iPad

Get access to over 10,000 recipes for dishes from all over the world complete with the nutritional information and high-quality photos.

  • Learn about specific food and its culture
  • Over 1000 recipes
  • Complete cuisine information
  • Bookmark links
  • Works offline

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Learn what Italian food is truly all about in this app which takes you beyond just plates and bowls of pasta.

  • Ideal to use for any kind of occasion
  • Smart formatting functions
  • Concise video descriptions
  • Very authentic recipes
  • Intuitive interface

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iPhone / iPad

Get recipes for a wide variety of Japanese dishes right from vegan main courses to sushi.

  • Daily blogs
  • Updated cooking videos
  • Very healthy for its purpose
  • Full iOS compatibility
  • 24/7 support

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iPhone / iPad

Find recipes for incredible dishes from around the world, ranging from delicious Italian specialties to authentic Thai food.

  • Updated recipes list
  • Also includes 5-minute recipes
  • Find particular foods by category
  • Intuitive interface
  • 24/7 support

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