The best soap opera apps for iPhone

If you are a soap opera junkie and just have to know everything that's going on with your favorite soap, then check out our list of the best soap opera apps for your iPhone. 


Soap Opera Dash

Price: Free

Yep, if you’re wondering who your avatar is in the app, it’s that waitress girl from Diner Dash who, once again, finds herself at the bottom of another industry totem pole! But if there’s anyone who can do everything all at once—from acquiescing to the resident prima-donna’s demands to delivering the requisite rewrites to the director—it’s our girl, Flo! You can expect more of the same frantic time-management gameplay in this one but, just like what the soap opera has already proven, the formula works!



All About Soap UK

Price: Free

Soaps may seem quaint to most folks, but we fans know better, right? Good thing there's also good news coming out from the UK for our daily weeping needs! If you want to keep yourself updated to the latest storylines coming out from across the Atlantic, then this app is for you. 




Soap Scoop

Price: Free

And speaking of tabloid-style reporting, this one should be an additional supplement to your overseas soap diet. 





Soap Opera Network - Bringing Drama Closer

Price: Free

While the hosts behind this app aren’t publishing as much as they frequently used to back then, there’s no doubt that this app has got to be one of the most comprehensive ones devoted to the industry of soap operas! Not only do the folks behind this app dish out the latest previews of the upcoming seasons for the medium’s  biggest shows, they also make it a point of inviting the actors, screenwriters, directors or anyone involved in the production process for some regular interviews. 



We Love Soaps TV

Price: Free

Who cares if soap operas are ridiculous? We still love them for it! That’s one of the driving themes behind this podcast, where the hosts display a level of self-awareness and humor that is not often seen from fans of the shows themselves! And to show that they cover ALL soaps, they even make it a point to profile even the web-based and independent soaps which came out during the past decade! Moreover, this podcast is a celebration of all the pomp and circumstance (and to be sure, there are many of them) we've come to love from our soaps!


21 Apr 2013, by Cherry Mae Torrevillas

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