If you love penguins, or want to learn more about them, then check out our list of the best penguin apps for your iPad.


Air penguins

Price: $0.99

Can it be possible? A bird-centric app that is even more addictive than either Angry Birds or Tiny Wings? Well, Kotaku—as well as dozens and dozens of critics already—have crowned penguins as the aviary species to beat this year, as evidenced by this highly intuitive game where all you have to do is to tilt your iOS skillfully to beat the levels!



Art penguin HD

Price: $1.99

Scribblenauts ain’t got nothing on this highly imaginative app! With the use of the iPad’s touch controls, you’re encouraged to “draw” various items which should help your little penguin friend pass through the dangerous terrain of the wild Arctic!




Ski penguin

Price: $0.99

PMs are so impersonal! If you want a new spin on delivering personalized messages online, then this app may get you out of your creative doldrums! By simply typing in a message, watch as the penguin “skis” his way across the snow and writed your message in full on it!




Penguin wings 2

Price: Free

Remember when we wrote above that penguins are the iOS’s favorite avian species of the moment? Well, there’s no further proof than this app, which was released early this year to great fanfare! Sure, you still slingshot the poor things across vast landscapes, but at least they look cute, which is more than you can say for the “angry” birds of years yore!




Super penguins

Price: Free

Despite its title, we do think this is a spiritual sequel to Sony’s long-dormant Crash Bandicoot series. After all, the basic gameplay is the same: you guide an avatar through a corridor-like landscape while avoiding baddies and collecting coins!