The best reminder apps for iPad

If you are a busy person, or just have a hard time remembering things, then check out our list of the best reminder apps for your iPad. 


9 Mar 2015, by Cherry Mae Torrevillas

This app will present you with reminders on a monthly basis so that you can get those credit cards, loans, and other monthly bills paid off in time.
  • Free and lightweight app
  • Also works for birthdays
  • Displays dates on the calendar individually
  • Presents you with notifications even if the app isn't running
  • No need for internet connectivity

Reminder App app review: never forget an event againReminder App review: never forget!

Use this app to set up and reach all your goals by developing healthy habits, and receiving reminders and encouragement along the way.
  • Free and lightweight app
  • Motivational quotes
  • View your good streaks
  • Back up your data via Dropbox
  • Share accomplishments with friends

Healthy Habits ™ app review: transform your life

Carpe diem with the help of this awesome app, which will help get organized and productive no matter how busy you are.
  • Add structure to your life
  • Easily add to-dos
  • Set daily or individual reminders
  • Note-taking features with tags
  • Free and lightweight app

Reduce stress and increase your well-being by being more present in the moment. Use this app to guide yourself through the meditation practice of mindfulness.
  • Guided meditations of varying durations to suit your needs
  • Silent meditations
  • Seven categories to choose from
  • Set up reminders for when you should meditate
  • Simple and beautiful interface

The Mindfulness App app review: research suggests that regular practice for 20 minutes a day brings desired effects

Perfect for shopping, this app will alert you if you have to go into a store and leave at a specific time. 
  • Designates duration of time for when to do a certain task 
  • Includes a map which tells you where you can complete a task 
  • Add as many tasks as you can within one task 
  • Syncs with Google Tasks 
  • Backup data on Dropbox

Best iPad Apps For Task Management

For to-do lists and reminders, Do-Task Manager is a fantastic app. 
  • Inputs tons of items like alerts and reminders 
  • Includes reminders for tasks and project plans
  • Syncs with Dropbox 
  • Adds tasks quickly 
  • Filter priorities

Do - Task Manager app review: a simplified task management system

Never forget a birthday again! This app will quickly become your official birthday manager and reminder.
  • Send greeting cards to the birthday boy or girl
  • Import birthdays from Contacts app as well as Facebook
  • Share your device to shuffle greeting cards
  • Supports Email and SMS as well
  • Personalize greetings by making up your own or editing the templates

Happy B'day! - Birthday Reminder app review: no more excuses for forgetting!

This app will help you set up reminders as soon as you download and set it up.

  • Three times faster than Calendar or Reminder native apps
  • Countdown egg timers that only need to be set up once
  • Track your outstanding tasks for the day
  • Auto-snooze reminders
  • Reschedule and postpone reminders with ease

Best iPhone Apps For Task ManagementDue app review: keep track of all your reminders and countdown timers

Set up reminders that are recurring with the help of this app.

  • Everything from hourly to yearly reminders
  • Set up reminders on certain days of the week or month
  • Alarm to help you wake up on time
  • Eight categories of reminders to choose from
  • 36 built-in alarm sounds

Aida Reminder Lite with Voice Reminders app review: remember with icons

The developers of this app call it "alarmingly great", and with good reason; it comes with pop-up reminders, Siri support, custom sounds, and much more.

  • Free and lightweight app
  • 80 high-quality sounds included
  • Create reminders through Siri
  • Import reminders from the native iOS Reminders app
  • Custom messages, countdowns, count-ups, and more

Best iPad apps for cooking and diningAlarmed ~ Reminders + Timers app review: fully functional free app with extras purchase option
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