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There are so many Gaming apps for the iOS. What do I Do?

17 Nov 2016 Developer News
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Since the summer of 2008, there have been over 140 billion apps downloaded through Apple’s App Store. With a wide range of apps available to iOS users, the Gaming category has the largest amount of apps at nearly 24 percent of the market, according to Additionally, the same source states that Gaming apps continue to have the most downloads out of all app categories. At one point, Gaming apps took home over 40% of all downloaded apps.

As you can see, the Gaming category can be rather daunting when trying to find games for your kids or yourself. But, all is not lost. With, you will be able to safely navigate the vast sea of Gaming apps. Just consider us as your tour guide.

Before I go further, I must address some of our readers who constantly ask us about gaming websites that may or may not have iOS apps. There are plenty of great online gaming sites like the awesome games at William Hill, including your favorites such as classic Jackpot and Vegas games. For the sake of this article, we are just going to focus on iOS apps found in the Apple App Store and save the gaming sites for another day. is dedicated to providing a wealth of information on iOS apps and has many convenient sections to help make things easier for those of you looking for games.

The first place to look for gaming apps would be our “Games gone Free” section. We have a section just for iPhone Games and a section just for iPad Games that have gone free. These lists are updated daily and are the perfect place to find a game that you might enjoy. What do you have to lose? With free games, you can easily delete them if you don’t like them.

The next place to look for awesome gaming apps would be in our “Hot Apps” section. Here, we will list some of the hottest apps out today. These apps could be just released, trending around the world or are quickly moving up the Top 100 charts.

If there’s a specific type of gaming category that you are looking for like RPG or Chess, then check out our “Best of Lists” section. Here’s where we pour through thousands and thousands of apps to find the best apps for our lists. So, not only will you find a list on a specific gaming niche, but you will also find 10 potential downloads for your gaming pleasures.

Lastly, we have over 16,000 thousand app reviews on our website. These reviews will aid in your decision making process on whether or not to download the app. You will find links to app reviews in all of our sections mentioned above.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the hundreds of thousands of gaming apps. Turn to and we’ll pick the best gaming apps for you!

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