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Colour Flick app: a simple premise with a challenging gameplay

09 Dec 2016 Developer News
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Colour Flick
Colour Flick

Colour Flick is a reaction based game designed to test your thumb’s dexterity as you flick the colored ball in the center of the screen to the matching portion of the outer circle before the time runs out. While the premise is simple, keeping up with the challenge the game provides is anything but.

Colour Flick consists of six different games modes – each incorporating the game’s core mechanic along with another, specific to that game mode. For example, ‘Infinite Classic’ tasks the player with flicking the colored ball into the corresponding area until they fail, with added challenges presenting themselves the further the player gets. ‘Infinite Rotation’ takes this formula, but as the name suggests, proceeds to rotate the circle throughout the entire duration of play.

Each colored ball has a short time limit for the player to flick it, run out of time or flick the ball into the wrong color, and the game is over. As the player progresses they will earn a form of currency which allows them to unlock customized icons for their center ball, which provides further incentive to keep playing, along with the desire to climbs the ranks of the leaderboard – individual to each game mode.

Further game modes include ‘Challenges’, which presents more than 90 challenge levels, each more devious than the last, tasking the player to complete a number of flicks within an allotted time period while battling increasingly difficult trials; as well as ‘Infinite Chaos’, ‘Timed Classic’, and ‘Timed Rotation’.

While on the surface it may seem like a relatively straight forward premise, Colour Flick will test your reactions through precise, rewarding, and at times frustrating gameplay. Mastering the game and climbing up the leaderboards requires a keen eye, skill and practice.

Colour Flick is a free download on both the App Store and Google Play, with an option to pay to remove the ads which appear as a banner along the bottom of the screen.

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