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Line them Up! Four Gem-themed Games to Remember

13 Mar 2017 Developer News
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Source: Saga Level Help: Diamond Digger via Facebook
Source: Saga Level Help: Diamond Digger via Facebook

Diamonds can be everyone’s best friend. Enthusiasts of quality time-passing can testify that there is little better than the razzle-dazzle of PopCap Games' Bejeweled series to instantly brighten any blue or dull day. But it is not the only such entertainment that exists. Countless tile-matching apps and games have been created in the wake of greater franchises, with gem-themed versions being especially popular. But are they any good? Some certainly are. Here are four shining examples of games that have caught our eye, along with our breakdown of why you need to try them.

Diamond Digger Saga

One more appreciated bundle of fun introduced by, the Sweden-based developers of Candy Crush, Farm Heroes and Bubble Witch. Diggy, a squishy ball of cuteness, needs to burrow through earth and gems to find treasures and trapped fireflies in an innovative variation of the match 3 rules. Vivid, plush graphics and features make this game a joy to play. But do not be deceived by his looks. This game gradually becomes quite challenging. It also allows gamers to compete against their friends or random players from all over the world to make Diggy the richest and the happiest.

Starburst Slot

For those who prefer to dig for their own treasures, this shiny slot game may be the answer. Featured on 888casino, Starburst Slot is a 5-reel, 3-row slot game, it features dazzling gameplay, graphics and surprises, such as the Starburst Wilds re-spins. The overall result is an experience that stimulates both the senses and the player’s pocket, accessible from any device or operating system. The combination of luck, user-friendliness and glitz makes this title a winner in our book.

Source: Hixxysoft via Facebook Caption

Jewel Quest: Heritage

Another tile-matching game that has stood out is Jewel Quest: Heritage, the fourth in a six-part series. Despite its mixed reviews, it deserves merit for stylishly enhancing the conventional match-3 experience. The storyline is amusing and visuals detailed and elegant. The hero of the story is Rupert Pack. His family’s precious Golden Jewel Board is confiscated by the scoundrel Sebastian Grenard. The aim of the game is to retrieve the heirloom while delving into the secrets of Rupert’s ancestry. By completing puzzles of increasing difficulty, character backgrounds are unlocked and the story unfolds, past and present. It may sound simple, but makes for a memorable game.

Jewel Legends: Tree of Life

This title is similar in that it uses a story to motivate the player. The plot in this instance resembles James Cameron’s Avatar: a society of benevolent woodland creatures called the Hods are recovering from the tyranny of a greedy dark demon and need help restoring their Tree of Life. Through a match 3 gameplay, different categories of resources (including gems of course) are collected in order to construct a variety of buildings and heal the Tree. Reviewers mostly discuss the preceding features, as well as its vibrant and distinct design, but there is also an interesting crossover with house and village-building games. Why are simulation games like The Sims, Black and White and Spore so successful? Playing god is fun, is it not?

Source: Giochi per PC via FacebookCaption

Four games, each like a gemstone of a different composition. Yet they all serve the same purpose: to entertain players. They are made to sparkle, spark a smile. Or to distract from everyday life. They are dreams in the palm of your hand and you are more than welcome to dive into them. 

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