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Mr Green’s new Apps review: one of the best online gambling apps around today

23 Jul 2017 Developer News
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Mr Green has been awarded the best online casino award 2017, which is not only an excellent achievement, but it’s even more remarkable because they also won the same award last year. They also won the best and most innovative App award.

For established or wannabe online gamers, the Mr Green App (which is available for both Android and iOS devices) is definitely worth downloading and trying out due to its plethora of games, incredible graphics, realistic feel, and unparalleled casino fun.

Excellent Choice of Online Games

Whichever App you need for your mobile device, once downloaded, it will enable you to play more than 240 games. Bearing in mind that 200 of these are slots and that the PC platform provides over 380 games. Having said that, this app is still very impressive. 

Included in this plethora of online gaming fun you will find all of the old favourites including Black Jack and that other stalwart of gaming – Roulette. Whether you are a casual "flutter-merchant" or a serious online gambler, there is something for everyone.

Superbly realistic casino feel

One of the most important things about online gaming is how good the graphics are, and both Mr Green Apps excel. Not only are the graphics crystal clear, but they have been expertly designed to give you that real "live-game" feel. It's the next best thing to physically being in a conventional casino setting.

What took him so long?

The only real criticism we have in this MrGreen mobile App review is that it took them a long time to actually get them launched; bearing in mind the fact that Mr Green has been one of the leading online gaming sites for several years.

Having said that, all good things are worth waiting for, and undoubtedly, Mr Green was waiting to ensure that the designs were right rather than leaping in too quickly with something less outstanding.  

So good are these Apps that it’s all the other mobile casinos who are having to work hard to try and catch up with the advanced features these new Apps offer.

When the App was first released, some players experienced a few minor snags, but since the update (version 1.1) which was issued in January this year, those small bugs have entirely disappeared. Anyone who plays Mr Green online now with the new Apps will give rave reviews.

Making online gaming an absolute doddle

The new Mr Green mobile Apps have a fast and intuitive design that makes online gaming an absolute doodle. With a search facility to help you to find your favourite games in quick time, and easy site navigation, the Apps are a joy to use. The game selection appears vertically on the Apps rather than horizontally as on the web based version, but it is still easy to find what you want.

Not only will you be spoiled for choice, in terms of slots, and the regular promotions that are offered, it will keep your interest piqued.

Minor compromise but well worth-while

To maximize the player experience, the creators of Mr Green's Apps have configured the set-up so that the game takes up the entire screen. It provides a superb full view performance, but in order to take up the entire screen, they have made a small compromise.

What that means in real terms is that some of the options within a game (say, the coin value per spin for example) are only available by clicking away onto a menu page. It's a minor inconvenience and one that we think is well worth-while to get that full-screen view of the game itself.

Probably the best online gaming App around today

In overall terms, the Mr Green Android and iOS App is a very positive experience. It is one of the best, if not the best online gaming App around today and it explains why Mr Green won the 2017 Online Gaming Operator of the Year IGA award for the second year on-the-trot.

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