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The Pros and Cons of flower delivery apps

02 Aug 2017 Developer News
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Are you considering sending flowers to a friend or loved one through a flower delivery app, but not sure if they are reliable or effective? Perhaps, you have made the decision to use a flower delivery app, but are not sure which one is the best to use? If this is you, or you have additional reservations and questions about these apps, then check out the following list of Pros and Cons for flower delivery apps:


Flower delivery apps have many wonderful benefits from how easy they are to use, to sending an arrangement anywhere across the country. Additionally, they can really save the day for last minute deliveries, orders or needs.

Easy to send flowers

There was a time when the only way you could buy flowers for someone was to go down to the local floral shop and pick out an arrangement. Nowadays, sending flowers to a friend or loved one is as easy as just a few taps on your smartphone. In fact, within a few minutes of downloading the app, you can create an account, pick out an arrangement, enter delivery information, coordinate the delivery and pay for it.

Send Nationwide

Another great aspect about using flower delivery apps is that you can send the flowers nationwide. The apps are already set up to network with local dealers in thousands of cities throughout the country. In some ways, it’s like having your very own personal roses delivery service as you can send these beautiful flowers and more to anyone in the country at any time.

Send Gifts

In addition to flowers, you can also send gifts to loved ones. Gifts can punctuate the feelings that you are expressing through this delivery. Most of the flower delivery apps have similar gift options that include items like plants, cards and stuffed animals. If you want to send a gift along with flowers to a kid - what’s better than numerous colorful balloons?

Order Based on Occasion

Flower delivery apps make it easy for you to choose an arrangement based on the occasion. For example, if it’s a funeral then you can look through the funeral spreads and flower options. They also have many other categories like Birthdays, Anniversaries, Holidays, Thank You, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and more. This is a fantastic option for those of you who don’t know what flowers to send on a specific occasion or just need some creative occasion-based ideas.

Search for Pre-Designed Arrangements

In addition to occasion-based arrangements, flower delivery apps have pre-designed arrangements. These include various designs, special deals, and discounted items due to how old/fresh the flowers are. This is another option for those of you who aren’t sure what to get your loved one and need some assistance.

Price Options

As mentioned, many of these flower delivery apps have special deals based on significant occasions, the freshness of flowers, and if you are a first time customer. Additionally, there are some apps that have their pre-designed arrangements at different price-tiers, which is perfect for those of you shopping on a budget.

Same Day Delivery

One of our favorite features for these apps is the same-day delivery option. However, we must caution that there is a deadline each day to send same-day deliveries. Make sure you pay attention to these deadlines, which will be outlined before you even choose this delivery option.

Same-day deliveries are great for those of us who forget a special occasion or end up in the doghouse for something that we did wrong. Bottom line, if you forget or screw up then same-day delivery will be your best bet.

Personal Information

The benefit of this feature really comes down to each individual. If you plan on sending flowers and gifts to a loved one on more than one occasion, then being able to save their information in the app is a huge plus. Additionally, some apps will allow you to import a person’s contact information directly from your iPhone’s Contacts list, which makes it even easier to complete your order.

Another fantastic feature is when you can save your payment details in the app. This convenience also cuts down on the time it takes to order flowers and prevents you from always having to dig in your wallet or purse to complete this transaction.


Just like other apps, flower delivery apps do have some flaws. Although these may not be a deterrent to some, they are worth mentioning in order to make the best decision for your flower delivery needs.

Can’t See Flowers in Person

Arguably, the biggest downfall to ordering flowers through an app is the inability to see or smell the flowers in person. Sometimes, the images on an app are too small to see the brilliance of the floral design and you could potentially pass up on a really magnificent arrangement. Conversely, the picture might make vased-flowers look more appealing and larger than they really are, which might be a disappointment once the recipient gets the delivery.

Higher Prices

Despite having various price options to choose from, many of the arrangements cost more than they would if you went directly to a floral shop. This is in part due to all the hands in the cookie jar. For example, you have the app’s fees, the floral shop’s fees, the grower’s fees and any other middleman that might be in this chain.

Final Words

At first, flower delivery apps were archaic. They seemed to take longer for customers to select, purchase and have flowers delivered than if they went directly to a floral shop.  But, over the years, these apps have really come a long way. In fact, we believe that flower delivery apps have advanced the floral industry by making it easier than ever for customers to have flowers delivered. Despite the increase in costs and the inability to see the flowers in person, these apps are the ideal solution for sending flowers to a loved one.

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