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The benefits of monitoring software apps

13 Oct 2017 Developer News
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 Face it, we live in a world where just about every person in a first world nation, from teenagers to adults, has a smartphone. Never before, has one little device changed the way we live, connect us with others and entertain us at all hours of the day. Unfortunately, with this much energy and attention placed on smartphones, comes opportunities for criminal elements to prey on vulnerable users. This can be in the form of viruses, spyware and other malware designed to steal your personal information. If you are still on the fence about getting a monitoring app then check out the following reasons why you should:

Supervise Your Kids’ Activity

If you have kids then you know how scary the Internet can be at times. Additionally, if you have free spirited or boundary pushing kids, then you know that there’s a possibility of your kids seeing or experiencing things online that they shouldn’t. One great way to protect your kids is by downloading, and installing, a monitoring app on their smartphones.

Monitoring apps, also known as parental control apps, like, allow parents to keep an eye on everything that their kids do. This includes, but not limited to, monitoring who they chat with, websites they visit and other apps that they use. It’s a great way to ensure your kids’ safety, while they don’t even know that you are doing so.

Protect Against Identity Theft

For the last two decades, identity theft has become a widespread occurrence due to fraudulent online sites, emails, and other avenues or outlets that are set up to steal your information. With the massive reliance on smartphones by millions of adults and business owners, cyber criminals have devised ways to steal your identity or personal and business information. In order to combat this, a monitoring or spyware app is needed.

These apps can keep your personal and professional information confidential and secure. They can detect potentially harmful sites and communications or warn you of potentially harmful websites. Just because you use a smartphone instead of a PC or laptop, doesn’t mean you are safe from cyber-attacks. The only way to protect yourself from cyber-attacks is to not be online at all or to have a spyware/monitoring app.

What to look for in a spyware/monitoring app?

For those that are unfamiliar with these types of apps, or first time users, check out our suggestions on what to look for in a monitoring/spyware app:

  • Monitors call and messages
  • Can block calls or messages
  • Has logs for calls and messages
  • GPS Tracking of mobile device
  • Monitors online activity
  • Internet Browser History
  • Monitors App usage and can block harmful apps
  • Read every keystroke and letter typed
  • View communications through popular messaging apps
  • View contacts list, Edit and Manage contacts
  • View calendars, notes and event or appointment details
  • Remote access to smartphone in order to block or wipeout device
  • Compatible with all major operating systems
  • Can be used on older smartphone devices
  • Excellent customer support
  • Money back guarantee
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