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Mobile Apps and Financial Services: The Perfect Duo?

21 Nov 2017 Developer News
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The financial services industry is known to be one of the most lucrative and illustrious in the world. Areas like banking, insurance and wealth management are amongst a host of job areas which exist in the industry, and the services are some of the most in demand in the world.

In recent years, financial services companies have been creating apps for the services they offer, which has revolutionised the way people traditionally use any given service. Here are some of the advantages.  


One of the most significant advantages which mobile apps have brought to financial services is accessibility. Being able to access a wide range of services, from banking to accounting, from a mobile device goes a long way in creating a great overall user experience.    

It adds a great deal of convenience to users’ everyday lives, and means that they are not limited to having to use a financial service in a fixed place (banking, for example, used to be done solely in a bank). With technology advancing at an unprecedented rate, mobile apps are becoming more sophisticated and accessible than ever, which is great news for often hi tech financial services.


Online trading is an incredibly popular activity which allows people to buy and sell assets and financial instruments with ease. Mobile trading apps are one example of how a financial service can be completely revolutionised simply by having a mobile friendly app version.

Those trading on the forex market, for example, can now monitor the prices of currencies and make investments wherever they are, meaning they have far more flexibility in their daily schedule. Being able to manage an entire investment portfolio and trade on the go is undoubtedly a major step forward for online trading.

Connection to Clients

Since mobile devices are usually carried by most people at most times of the day, companies can stay connected to their customers at all times, and vice versa. This allows for greater communication opportunities, as well as reducing the number of barriers between company and client.  

Mobile apps also present a number of marketing opportunities for financial services as an alternative to advertising. By offering useful services and conveying brand messages through creating apps, the company inspires a greater level of loyalty, potentially facilitating more sales.

Mobile apps are undoubtedly a welcome addition to the world of financial services. Benefiting both clients and companies alike, they are likely to become even more advanced in the future, and may pave the way for a new era of super-efficient services. 

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