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The Evolution of the Mobile Phone Apps

24 Nov 2017 Developer News
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Looking at our mobile devices, it is interesting how they have evolved into what we see today. From the early days of simple calendars, phone books and the odd games to the thousands our phones now hold, the change has been amazing.

A lot of this change has been brought about through the changing nature of the phone. With more processing power, better graphics, and most importantly improving operating systems, the phones have provided with a system that makes them more like a portable computer than just a mobile phone.

Evolution of Apps

Looking at the evolution of the mobile phone apps, there have been a number of reasons that this has occurred, and all of these are really about having fun and being productive. We live in a society today where we expect things instantly, and in many ways, this has extended into the use of the app.

Just looking at the apps we choose for our phones shows this. We have services such as Netflix that give us instant access to movies and television wherever we are, we have apps that help us with our everyday lives, and the most popular has to be the games that are available.

From the days of playing Worm or Tetris to the much more complicated games of today it seems there is no end of the games we can play. This includes apps like the Casino Cruise Iphone app for  those that like to have a flutter, with mobile gaming being more popular than ever.

Popularity of Apps

If you think about the reason that apps have become so popular on phones, the key of course is mobility. Desktop computers and consoles may offer us power to do whatever we want, but they keep us trapped in the house. Now we can take our apps wherever we want, and they can even help us to get to our destinations.

When looking at productivity as a reason the app has evolved into what it is now, we also have to look at the way our lives have changed. Life is so hectic, and if we don’t plan it out then we often get lost in the chaos. Apps have been created to extend the simple calendar not only into a basic planning system, but to help us in everything we do, even finding the nearest bar when we want some form of entertainment.

A Downloadable Tool

What the app has changed into is a downloadable tool that helps us in all our everyday tasks, and of course having fun. It gives us the power of the Internet at all times, and provides communication in many forms. We tend to sometimes forget a phone is actually for talking on, but yes there is even an app for that now. Whether our dependency on apps is a good thing may be up for debate, but it looks like they are here to stay.

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