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Full Review of Hay Match

10 Mar 2018 Developer News
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Hay Match
Hay Match

Match 3 Games has done it again, this time with Hay Match. This puzzle game is one of the more popular up and coming Android games. One of the first things players will notice is its interactive and engaging gameplay. Online gamers with a penchant for farm games will be totally captivated by the fun-filled features of this game. Hay Match is rated E for everyone, making it a great online game for the whole family to enjoy. It’s 100% free to download and install and provides endless hours of fun games for players.

So, what’s it all about?

Hay Match requires players to match various farm crops such as soybeans, pumpkins, wheat, and other produce to form winning combinations, and advance to higher levels of the game. As you match fresh produce, you clear levels and gain points. The game is packed with an exciting array of prizes to motivate players to continue in this brain game adventure. Feature-rich entertainment ensures that there is never a dull moment with this Android app.

There are scores of challenges, plenty of interactive elements, and more eye-popping color and puzzle-style entertainment than you can imagine. Your game screen is peppered with farm produce. You’ll notice a profusion of bright colors set against a field of green backdrop, and a wooden farm fence. Your job is simple: Farm right and reap the rewards. You will notice a wide range of crops including wooden crates of produce, peas in a pod, wheat, corn, soybeans, cabbage, red peppers, and much more.

A Fully Immersive Brain Game Experience

The interactive features in the game dazzle the senses, with brilliant light displays, and crackling sound effects. Hay Match is designed to excite you, challenge you, and reward you for your strategic insights. As you’re collecting farm produce, you will be competing multiple missions and advancing to higher levels of the game. As soon as you clear each board of all the crops, you’ll be presented with a new challenge, new points tallies to rack up, and more complex puzzle-style gaming. Fans routinely admit that this is one of the most addicting Android games on the market, and with a super 4.4/5 rating from hundreds of players, it’s already ascending the rungs to be a world-class game.

Getting Ready for Hay Match Fun

For every level you clear, you’ll be awarded a points tally. It’s always cool competing for high scores in this game, since you stand to get 3 stars for your efforts. Hay Match sets the objectives of every level from the get-go. You will always know what is expected of you, and how to proceed through the game. The power ups are pretty incredible, and they are great ways to boost your performance, and unleash the incredible potential of this app’s features. At the time of writing, we explored 100+ levels of this game, and were itching for more.


This is an adventure worth taking, and once you download and install the app for free, you will have endless hours of fun and games at your fingertips. Be advised that you need Android 4.0 and later versions to access the game, and there are in-app products you can buy ranging from $0.99 through $104.99 per item, if you so desire. We tested the game on several Android devices, including the Samsung Galaxy S8, and tablets and phablets – the audio-visuals are pretty spectacular, and you can expect uninterrupted puzzle-style gameplay.

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