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The Top Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

13 Mar 2018 Developer News
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Have you ever been responsible for posing a job ad, only to then spend the remainder of your week tackling an inbox full of CVs, cover letters and references before you can pull together a shortlist of candidates to interview?   


If only there was a way to streamline your hiring process?  Well, there is.  Applications tracking systems, or ATS for short, can help you through the entire hiring process.  It really is no wonder that ATS is quickly becoming one of the top requirements for human resources.


Using Applicant Tracking Systems

Like the vast majority of web-based business software, ATS runs on automation.  When someone applies for a job at your company via an online job ad, all of their information will be collated in a database.  This database will store everything from their CV to their educational backgrounds and even application questions.  An ATS will do all the heavy-lifting when it comes to sorting through dozens of applications to find your candidate shortlist. 


With an ATS in place, you won’t have to worry about taking the time out to sort through hundreds of applications from unqualified job seekers, as ATS will only present you with the most qualified clients.  Instead of taking days to complete, the application screening process is done in mere minutes. 

Top ATS Options for Businesses

Are you considering adopting an application tracking system, to help streamline your hiring process?  ATS are becoming increasingly more common and many of the world’s top HR software vendors will include ATS.  We thought it would be useful to provide you with a list of our top ATS picks:



Taleo is an industry-leading software solution, with integrated ATS features.  This software is part of the Oracle family and Taleo has the ability to organise the complete lifecycle of your employees. This particular software focusses on collecting as much data as possible, which offers insights that managers can use to find and hire the best talent available.



This is a vendor dedicated to providing applicant tracking software.  CareerPlug makes the whole recruitment process easy and convenient for both applicants and recruiters.  With this software, you will be able to stay organised, as the system keeps all of your recruiting data in one place.  There’s more info available about this applicant tracking system online. 

Zoho Recruit

This system will help to streamline your overall recruiting process.  If you haven’t yet created a careers page for your company, this applicant tracking system will enable you to create a custom page that easily matches the theme of the rest of your website.  Zoho can also help to increase the visibility of your job ad by posting it across all of the popular job boards.


Google Hire

 Here, Google is expanding its current list of services and is now venturing into the realms of recruitment.  This system works well for small and mid-sized businesses that already use other Google services.  With Hire, this software directly integrates with all of the other G Suite applications.

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