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5 Android VPN Apps that Don't Collect Logs

06 Nov 2018 Developer News
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VPNs are the first line of defense when it comes to using the internet. Regardless of what you do while online, whether it is streaming, torrenting, or linking up with your friends and family, you have to keep your communications and information safe.

A VPN that collects and stores your logs and other connection information, however, is as good as a bulletproof vest made of cotton.

In some jurisdictions, the state requires VPN companies to keep the users logs in a database. Although such VPN companies protect you in real-time, the logs and connection data they store can be used to trace your internet use. This could be devastating for users of torrent sites because if the copyright agencies trace back the connection to them, they will need to pay huge fines.

It is crucial, therefore, for a user to sign up to an Android VPN provider that does not collect and keep logs. There are two main types of logs

  • Connection/metadata logs
  • Usage logs

Connection logs include information such as your IP addresses, both incoming and outgoing. They also include information such as the duration you have been connected, the VPN servers you connect to, as well as the amount of data you've used.

Usage logs, on the other hand, contain everything that can be used to infringe your privacy. They include information such as the specific websites you have visited as well as any files that you might have downloaded.

Collecting connection logs is usually necessary for administration purposes. Usage logs, however, can be quite invasive to your privacy and anonymity.

The following are 5 of the best Android VPN apps that do not collect logs

1. Surfshark VPN

On its website, Surfshark makes it clear that it does not monitor, track, or store any of their users' activities. This is important because they do not leave gray areas in that statement. They make it clear that it is their policy and a selling point that they do not monitor any activities of their users.

Surfshark operates from the British Virgin Islands. The laws of the islands do not require the company to keep logs or collect sensitive information about their users. Since the company is not obliged by the law to collect data on their users, you can rest assured that your data remains private.

You can enjoy other benefits such as ease of use and keeping you safe while using public WI-FI. Another advantage is the fact that they don’t limit the number of devices you can connect to one account. They also use IKEv2 advanced security protocol to guarantee your security. Surfshark is also easy on your battery as compared to other VPNs. Download Android version:

2. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN does not collect any activity or connection logs and boast of more than 2000 servers in various locations. They have some of the highest speeds and their services coverage is quite impressive. Although it is not the cheapest service, Express users are able to connect up to three devices on a single account.

They have also incorporated a friendly interface for the app as well as other platforms. There are other browser extensions that a user can download and integrate into his or her browser for convenience. ExpressVPN does not collect your IP address, connection time, or any other similar data that can be used to identify you.

ExpresssVPN, however, is quite expensive as compared to other choices. At the premium price, however, you also get to enjoy premium services. The providers do not offer a trial version although there is a 30-day money-back guarantee.

3. IPVanish

IPVanish is a good Android VPN app that guarantees power and performance. They don't collect logs, and their software is easily configurable to best suit mobile or desktop devices. Clients using desktop or mobile devices, therefore, are able to enjoy the services at the same level.

This VPN's clients enjoy many features that are also easily customizable to suit the user's preferences or needs. The VPN also has a mode for users who are not interested in playing with the settings. This mode is like a default setting that is best suited for non-techie users who just need a safe, private connection.

Although it is also not among the cheapest services out there, IPVanish does not keep any logs, including session logs. They do not offer a free trial service, but there are packages designed for most types of users.


This service is many users' favorite because it offers reliable performance as well as open and transparent policies. Numerous activists and some hacktivists run this service. As a result, users of this service enjoy some level of confidence because the activists and hacktivists who run the service stand for internet neutrality and full online freedom.

This VPN service is open and makes public the methods it uses to take care of its users' privacy and security. The VPN also allows the users to see the servers that are available and review what the traffic is like on each server. Although they cannot match the number of servers that some services in this list have, they make up for this by providing fast performance.

The cost of AIRVPN is quite pocket-friendly as compared to other providers. They do not have a trial version although there is a cheap service for three days that serve as a trial version.

5. WindscribeVPN

This provider makes it clear that they do not collect any logs and takes your privacy rather seriously. One of the most popular features of this service is that they allow you to use unlimited devices. As such, you and your family can enjoy their services from just one account.

Another merit of WindscribeVPN is their pricing. They offer a free trial version, and their prices are quite friendly as compared to other providers.

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