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Top 5 Mobile Payment Apps

12 Nov 2018 Developer News
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Did you know that by 2020 mobile retail payments have been projected to grow from $180 billion in 2016 to whopping $41.5 billion?

Statisticians across the globe keep collecting data which suggest that digital trends worldwide are funnelling down to mobile platform users and there is a perfect explanation behind it.

In a relatively recent past one would require a separate gadget to set their alarm clock, another one to listen to their favourite music, a compass in its original shape to determine direction and battery-consuming torches to cast light on an unresolved matter. Or simply in a dark place they could find themselves in.

These days, however, we have it all packed inside a small device we call a mobile phone, a smartphone and most commonly a phone. Simple as that.

With all of the separate devices listed above packed in a tiny handheld box – on top of which you get to have a TV and a computer as well – the digital revolution sneaked into every pore of our everyday life and financial dealings were not exempt from it.

The newly emerging payment trends across Europe were taken into account in a Visa survey which states that the number of people using their mobile phones for payments increased from 18% to 54% in just a year’s time – from 2015 to 2016.

With mobile banking and its perks becoming a huge hit across the globe it came only naturally that software developers would rush to create convenient solutions for your payment requirements. The abundance of options can be overwhelming which is why we would like to propose an ultimate list of top 5 mobile payment apps you need to have on your phone.


Such is the popularity of the Trustly payment service that in less than eight years of its existence this company went on to become a true leader, pioneer and innovator in the field of mobile payment solutions.

The huge expansion, along with a set of convenient tools that allow you to complete safe and secure financial transactions straight from your phone – despite the current geographical limitations that confine Trustly to European borders – were all more than enough for this mobile payment app to surge to the first place on our list.

This is a fast, simple and above all secure way to pay directly from your bank account. The process of setting it up is fairly straightforward as you only need to select your bank and log in as you would normally do it, then choose the account from which you wish to pay and confirm your payment with your preferred authentication method.

Widely praised for its convenience, Trustly was quick to emerge as one of the preferred payment methods in the iGaming industry. A stroke of innovation saw Trustly come up with a direct payment technology service called Pay N Play which will basically connect your bank directly to the operator without disturbing your gaming enjoyment with tedious registration processes. Pay N Play has been explained in detail over at BestCasinos which assure this service is fully compliant with rigorous regulations intended to keep customers and operators safe and sound at all times.


As one of the most popular payment services around the globe, Pay Pal is still going strong with a footprint that extends over 203 countries and 26 currencies. Pay Pal mobile app is highly convenient and – most importantly – compatible with credit and debit cards issued by world’s major banks.

Pay Pal allows you to pay for goods and services but also to send and receive cash from friends and family.

Particularly interesting for business is the corporate Pay Pal service which takes the entire mobile payment option to the next level with loyalty cards and premium perks.

Apple Pay

Strictly intended for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch users, the Apple Pay service is limited to all the clients of Apple Inc.

It goes without saying that Apple Pay is one of the favourite payment methods in the United States where millions of stores and restaurants with contactless point-of-sales systems will allow you to make purchases and pay for goods and services without any hassle whatsoever.

Apple Pay is a highly convenient way to make you in-app purchases in iOS and is extremely easy to use.

All you need to do is to load up your Apple Pay account from credit and debit cards, lock your screen using a pass code and Touch ID (or facial recognition) to launch Apple Pay. You will be required to use the pass core of 4 or 6 digits depending on the model to authorize the payment. And that’s all there is to it.

Google Wallet

Widely considered as an Apple Pay counterpart, Google Wallet has gone through several stages and phases to reach its current version which indeed is an expeditious and charge free way to send money. All you need is a phone number or an email.

Signing up for Google Wallet is done with your debit card and a Google account and depending on the type of card you want to link, your payments can be processed immediately with Google not charging anything to transfer your money into your bank account.

The best thing about Google Wallet is that the person you want to send money to does not need the app to get the money juiced into their account. 


Younger generations love it and millennials are said to simply adore it. Venmo has quickly become a true market leader in peer to peer payment solutions by making money transfer between two people fast, hassle-free and rather straightforward.

A debit card, credit card or check account is all you need to use Venmo. Make payments at certified vendors, send money to your friends and families and request money from your phone contacts. Yes, it’s all possible with Venmo.

The reason millennials and youngsters love it that much is Facebook-styled Newsfeed feature which shows you any transactions your friends have made. Talking of Facebook, the highly-criticised social media network is reinventing itself through an abundance of services on offer – one of which is making payments through Facebook Messenger available for US residents older than 18. Let this be our top 5 list’s honourable mention just for good measure.

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