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Best iPhone Apps and Devices for Pet Lovers

13 Mar 2019 Developer News
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People today are most attached to their furry companions and their smartphones. Millennials are reported to ruin the pet food industry. You’ll never guess why. Apparently, they are inclined to treat their pets like their first-born child and avoid feeding them food with fillers, the type of food that is usually manufactured in the industry. Pet owners today want only what’s best for their companions and technology is able to help.  Up until recently, you couldn’t mix the two. But technology has evolved enough to allow your furry companion to enjoy some great apps to keep them entertained, healthy and safe. Below are some iPhone apps and connected devices that will help both you and your beloved pet.


MapMyDogwalk (Free for iPhone)

This is one amazing activity tracking app that encourages both pet owners and their companions to get moving and get in their best possible shape. The app is free in the Apple Store and allows the owner to log in their walk routes. Besides, the app will track the time of your walks, the distance, pace, elevation and speed in real time. With all this data, the app calculates the calories burned during walks. MapMyDogwalk also allows the user to manually input activities and workouts from other indoor habits and is perfect to keep a close eye on your daily activity level.


Dog Park Finder Plus ($1.99 for iPhone)

The dog version of Yelp, the Dog Park Finder Plus is a great iPhone app that allows dog owners to find the best dog parks and playgrounds in their area. The app features more than 6,000 dog-friendly parks and other outdoor locations like beaches and rest stops across the whole US. Users can opt to display the dog-friendly locations as a map or list. The list selection offers resourceful information on operating hours of suggested locations and entrance fees. Information like fenced facilities is also available to those who opt for list display.


The Fat Dog Diet (Free for iPhone)

Monitoring your dog’s diet and eating habits can be especially difficult if you’re unable to keep a close eye on them 24/7. The Fat Dog Diet app is available in the Apple Store and is the furry version of MyFitnessPal. The digital food log for canines allows keeping an accurate track of target amounts of food and exercise for your dog. A vet visit would be recommended before starting using the app. Ask the vet how much your pet should weigh and how much daily exercise they recommend. As a dog ages, pounds can accumulate quite easily and this smart app will help you both manage their weight loss in a convenient fashion.


Tagg (Free for iPhone and Android)

The Tagg app will be especially appreciated by those pet owners who live in constant fear that their companions might get lost or run away. The app works amazingly when paired with smart gadgets like a GPS tracking device that you can purchase online. The app is also great if you want to make sure that your dog is getting the necessary activity on a daily basis so they remain healthy and strong.


DoggyDatez (Free for iPhone)

DoggyDatez is a free app that will allow your companion to make friends while on their walks. The app helps you socialise with other dog owners and lets your pet make new friends on each of their walks. To make the most out of this app, the user has to keep their location on to see and be seen by other users. This app will turn all your walks into new entertaining adventures.


Puppy Coach 101 ($2.99 on iPhone)

Puppy training has never been easier than now. The Puppy Coach 101 app allows dog owners to train their little companions by breaking down the process into nine easy-to-follow topics. Teaching sits, crate training and so on become a child’s play with this app. Each session is led by a professional trainer and offers explicit guidelines for each topic. The app also allows owners to keep track of their pup’s progress. Once the pup passes the entire course, the owner can print their diploma straight from the app.


BringFido (Free for iPhone)

BringFido is an app designed to make travelling with pets easier. Finding pet-friendly accommodation can be a hassle, but this particular app allows easy search and booking process for pet-friendly rooms. The app has plenty of filters the user can apply, from popularity to rating, price and distance.


The app also displays each hotel’s pet policy, helping pet owners ensure that there won’t be unfortunate surprises on their part. If there appear issues with the booked room previously to the check-in date, the customer service at Bring Fido will notify the user. Once the user is settled in their accommodation, the app will offer suggestions for pet-friendly restaurants and parks and even events for pets in the neighbouring area.


Pet First Aid ($3.99 for iPhone)

This particular app offers resourceful information and life-saving tips and tricks for pet owners. If having vet services in your pocket appeals to you, then investing under four bucks on this app will be the best-spent four bucks in your life. The app is rich in life-saving information on various topics, from mild cuts and sprains to more complex health threats. The app also features an array of detailed videos and articles on how to take proper care of your pet’s health concerns until you reach the nearest vet office in your area.


Furbo Dog Camera and Treat Providing System ($199)

On the pricier side of the spectrum, we have this dog treat dispenser that works amazingly through an app that can be downloaded from the Apple Store. The treat dispenser comes with a high-resolution camera with night vision and bark sensor. This means that the user will be able to check on their companions as soon as they start barking and see what is bothering them. With a 160-degree view and a speaker system incorporated, you can also communicate with your dog even if you’re not physically at home.

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