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Cycloramic Version 2.1 just released

01 Mar 2013 Developer News
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Cycloramic Version 2.1 just released


A couple of months ago we launched Cycloramic, an app that makes the iPhone (literally) spin 360-degree (hands free) to take panoramic videos, using the phone’s vibrations. Cycloramic has opened up a new way of capturing the moment, without additional hardware, letting the phone do all the work while you can take fully part in the scene, be it discovering a new city, participate in a business conference or experience the best moment of your life. 
The developer recently released a second version with much requested new features. The V2.0 introduced a photo mode, including a hands free mode for iPhone 5 and a guided mode for iPhone 4/4S/5. And to take full advantage of this new photo mode, a nifty new feature came out a couple of days ago along with the V2.1. Cycloramic will now convert your panoramic photo files to a panoramic video enabling you to share and show off your panoramic photos on platforms such as Facebook in a much easier way than the traditional wide panoramic photos. 
With the V2.1:
Cycloramic will convert your panoramic photos to 24 second panoramic HD videos.
The resulting videos are much easier to share than the wide format of typical panoramic photos.
It not only converts photos taken with Cycloramic but also any other panoramic photos you might have in your photo library.
Additional new features in the V2.1: 
- The help page has been updated with new video tutorials. 
- A new SUPPORT button has been added to directly send an email to our support team. You can contact the team with any questions or suggestions.
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