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iOS Most Effective Mobile Advertising Platform

22 Jul 2012 News
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Opera Software, the company behind the Opera web browser, has released a report entitled "Opera's State of Mobile Advertising" that shows Apple's iOS platform is the most advertising-effective. The average price per mille was $2.85 on iOS, whereas it was just $2.10 on Google's Android, which came second. The worst-performing was Windows Phone, coming it at just $0.20 per mille. The report suggested that devices with larger screens would do better, so it's no surprise that Android and iPhone did very well. The report also noted that there was different results depending on the type of ad - if it was a static banner, it didn't do very well. However, an interactive ad such as one built using HTML5 Canvas did better. In terms of ad revenue in total, the iPhone was the clear winner with 43.54%. It also had the most traffic at 29.88%. Android devices were 26.56% of revenue, 24.43% of traffic, beating the average. The iPad was the most lucrative per mille, averaging $3.96. According to, The most lucrative country for ad publishers was the United States, coming in with a average eCPM of $1.98. The average worldwide was $1.90. Business and Finance was the most revenue/impression category by a long shot, beating it's runner up, News and Information by double.  
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